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    I bought my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid from a one owner in Alabama who kept all the service records for car and passed them on to me, the check engine light, IMA light and SRS all on but drove fine, best mileage I got was 64.7. I had the hybrid battery replaced by a tech named Bobby T., very pleasant and patient because we ran into a few snags which he troubleshooted and scratched his head a few times because things didn't make sense. After trying different solution's and asking for advice it turned out to be the New battery was dead. After trying another battery and starting the car the lights on dash went off except the SRS. The car had pep that I have not experienced since owning the car but the fuel mileage decreased which I am puzzled about, got 58.4 going and 47.6 home. Over all the great experience. I will recommend GreenTec.


    Nashville, TN

    What a wonderful company!  Marcus got here pronto by 10am. From Kansas City.  He was masked, professional and totally knowledgeable about my hybrid battery. I loved the advertised battery sale: $2,200 for a new battery plus $350 for installation/travel to my home.
    I highly recommend GreenTec Auto and Technician Marcus.

    Anne Kribbs

    Columbia, MO

    I was laying in bed Sunday morning, Memorial Day weekend, freaking out about how to fix this hybrid Honda Accord and ran across Greentec having a Memorial Day sale. I ordered it. They called me back right away Monday morning for the particulars and shipped it Tuesday. It was on my porch Thursday. Thank you Thank you!! It works perfectly, you guys are great!!

    Michael Jones

    Post Falls, ID

    Great service, Great installation, wish I could say Great Price but it was very reasonable and lower than any other reputable company. Highly recommended.

    Bob Sendgikoski

    Clearmont, FL

    Such awesome customer service by John Thomas at corporate HQ and Charles in Atlanta, GA!  Charles did the mobile install with lightning speed and was courteous, efficient, and accommodating.   Thank you so much!

    David Butler

    Huntsville, AL

    Purchased 2005 Toyota Prius (second gen) that had been parked in barn and hadn't run for 5 years...the batteries were shot...previous owner told me, he couldn't even get the engine to turnover...The Greentec team in Cleveland (Brad initially) with an assist from the Chicago team (Bruce and Michael) knew exactly what to do and were great to work with and went the extra mile to get the new batteries installed ...they even fixed a number of non-battery issues that they noticed during the battery installations which resulted in my car actually starting and running (again after sitting in a barn for 5 years). They also took the extra time to give me a very thorough explanation and print out of the additional code issues (non-battery) that needed to be reviewed and addressed by my local mechanic...couldn't have asked for a better experience; very responsive, accommodating, courteous, knowledgeable...a top notch team...thank you again Greentec !!!


    Port Clinton, OH

    Purchased a reconditioned battery in 2017. Had to go back twice in two months to get replacement reconditioned batteries installed because they kept failing. After the third fail they installed a new battery. That battery lasted about 3 years before going out. Not sure what's typical for these batteries but I was hoping the battery would last longer.

    Reyes Nino

    New Braunfels, TX

    Ron ran a diagnostic test on my 2008 hybrid Prius. Not only was he honest with the issues my car had but he also gave me a short lesson on how to resolve some of the issues I might have in the future like when my dashlight won't turn on. He was super helpful, fast and a really kind person. Definitely gonna call him and Greentec next time I need anything for my vehicle.

    Jasmine Rivera

    Houston, TX

    Can't say enough about the service and professionalism from the Dallas, TX GreenTec office. John went above and beyond to ensure a timely installation and clearly communicated through out the entire process. Seth, the installation mechanic, was extremely competent and courteous and didn't leave until the road test was completely satisfactory. From the other testimonials, it is clear that GreenTec is a company very much focused on customer satisfaction and excellent workmanship. I would highly recommend this company to anyone with hybrid battery issues. If I could, I would have given more than a 5 Star rating. Very Satisfied. Thank you, GreenTec Auto


    Austin, TX

    Ramses called me to confirm my appointment the night before, then when I arrived early he communicated that he needed 10 minutes, and he got me in early. His shop is very clean and organized. He spent time asking me questions and diagnosing/verifying that it really was the battery. He answered a million questions. I had the best experience I have ever had with a mechanic. He is very respectful and professional. I know I am in good hands with Ramses. Thank you Ramses!!

    Janna Clark

    Fort Collins, CO

    What an incredible experience!! Mike was extremely professional and a subject matter expert. He thoroughly explained the process what was going to happen and answered all my questions. He quickly and expertly removed and replaced the HV battery with ease. I would highly recommend this company for your HV needs. A great value and all done at the convenience of my home. Great job that was well done!!!

    David Zeising

    Maricopa, AZ

    2 weeks on my new 2010 Prius battery; it has been flawless as has my Prius (purchased new). I am back up to 50mpg and it drives like new. My mileage was down to 43 and battery wasn't charging up like it used to so decided to replace it out of an abundance of caution. I took it to the shop in NE Portland and Ben got me in and out in less than an hour. I was very impressed with the customer service and product. I highly recommend it.

    Larry Hansen

    Vancouver, WA

    Great company, very honest. i had them replace my battery in 2004 Prius, it was bad, took it back and it was replaced immediately. Albina was the tec great guy and very fast.

    Ken Boglino

    Westminster, CO

    My hybrid battery died and I was looking at 4000-6000 to replace it. My buddy turned me on to GreenTec. I’m so happy he did. Great customer service. Within two days of ordering I had them at my house replacing the battery. It was super smooth. No headaches or hassles. I can’t recommend them enough!!!!

    Evan Armstrong

    Green Valley, CA

    Finally after so many years looking for a good mechanic. I found Ramses . He fixed my car the same day l had the problem. I am very to know l have an honest mechanic available all the time. Excellent job Ramses. Thank you

    Aurea Taylor

    Aurora, CO

    GreenTec Auto came to our house in Maine to install a replacement battery in our 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid. The technician had to drive up from northern Connecticut.

    The technician who came was as nice as pie. He took tremendous care to clean everything, including the car and himself, and to maintain social distancing as needed in the COVID pandemic. He inspired confidence because he was thorough and quick. He came on time as scheduled. Well, more precisely, he came a little early, but he called before coming to the house, and it worked out well.

    The new battery (now several months after the replacement) is working great. As soon as it went in the car's operation improved noticeably, it ran quieter and smoother and most importantly the battery was charging. It's been running well ever since. We are very, very pleased with the work that was done, and I hope we can keep the car in use for several more years as a result of it.

    These guys were really nice to work with. One of the tech guys on the phone was extremely knowledgeable about the repairs. I asked him whether the technician had to take the back seat out. You could almost hear him mentally picturing the model and type of car, and then he said, "No, on that model, you don't." It sounded like he'd done this kind of repair himself at some point. What better resource could you hope for, on the phone?


    Topsham, ME

    I bought 49 Nissan Leaf G2 modules from this company. The guy I dealt with name is Art. I wanted to say I thank Art for being straight and honest with me. He did everything he told me, he would do. I had 1 module was damage in shipment and I took a picture of it and sent it to Art and told him it was damage in shipment. He rushed me another one back to replaced it. I will highly recommend this company to anybody.

    David ONeal

    Kannapolis, NC

    Greentec Auto is awesome when it comes to accommodations with changing batteries. My Hybrid Prius battery ended up not working during the week of July 4th, not the greatest time to get your car done when you are visiting your friends or family. I was still under my warranty a few months before expiration and was able to get my car battery changed at the location where my car was held from the dealership, communication between the companies and I worked out great. I did have to wait for a week afterwards due to high demands during the July 4th week, but was able to get my car done and pick it up after it was completed. Green Auto Tech goes a long way to assist their costumers and if I ever needed parts changed, I'd definitely use them again because they took their time and effort in driving about an hour to my car to change the battery.


    Philadelphia, PA

    We had arranged to purchase to purchase a 2008 Prius and learned a week before expected delivery that the battery pack had died. We bought the car anyway--for the price the owner had been offered, largely because we had learned of Greentec. We arranged a date for the mobile install and Emile arrived exactly on time. He was friendly, efficient, and very tolerant of my questioning and kibitzing throughout the process. Between the reduced price because of the failed battery and the sale price on the battery pack itself, we saved a couple hundred dollars and have a 48-month warranty on a battery that I would otherwise have no idea would fail shortly. Nor did the seller to be fair. Thank you Greentec. I don't often do these testimonials, so that should say something in itself. Shout out to Brad in KC as well.

    Doug Jones

    Fairfield, CT

    My Prius hybrid battery took a dump on me in Feb of 2020. Dealership wanted $6000 to replace it. Greentec auto replaced it for $2000 AND came to my house to put it in.
    Four months later my entire electrical system in the car just went "Fffwtt" and I lost all power. No Dash lights, windows wouldn't roll down - nothing.
    Called Greentec and said something along the lines of, "What kind of junk did you sell me?" But then Ron, from Greentec called me and when I told him I had no dash lights he said, "Then it isn't your hybrid battery - it's your 12 volt battery." (which I didn't even know the car had till he told me). He talked me through how I could find it, and replace it myself over the phone. The new battery alone was $220. I shudder to think what it would have cost me to have a mechanic do it! But thanks to the 'one in a million' customer service from Ron, It only cost me the $220, a lot of sweat, and a slight bump on the back of my head when my wife thought it would be funny to drop an ice cube down the back of my underwear while I was bent over taking out the 12 volt battery. And I'm pretty sure Ron could have talked me through that as well, if he'd been on the phone with me at the time.
    In short, not only would I recommend these guys to ANYBODY, but I'd like to close with - Ron, if you're reading this, I have a sister who's single!

    Lance White

    Conroe, TX

    I purchased the 48 month battery pack for my 2005 Prius a couple of weeks ago. The entire process from ordering to installation, went smoothly and professionally. My installer,Bruce,drove down from Chicago to Ohio. He came right to my house as scheduled and on time. Bruce was very cordial and informative during the entire installation. The installation only took approximately one and half hours after performing the diagnostics once he arrived. We have been very pleased with Greentec Auto at half the cost that the dealer was charging.


    West Chester, OH

    This was the second time I've dealt with Greentec Auto I would highly recommend them. I ordered a replacement battery and they went above and beyond to accommodate me. That was the Sacramento office three years ago. This time from the Phoenix office the service was just as good.
    Cindy, Ramon thank you, my Prius lives again.

    Bill Wafer

    Albuquerque, NM

    This company is top quality from the first phone call through to the installation. It was super easy to get an appointment set up. When I received a follow-up call on Monday I was informed that my battery would have to be ordered and it would be in by Wednesday, which was fine. Greentec stayed in communication with me throughout that time with updates, and as soon as they had the battery my appointment was set up for Wednesday morning and they were conscientious about working around my work schedule. I also requested a 12v battery the day before and Greentec ordered that battery as well for installation. Paul arrived at my home at the scheduled time and got straight to work and finished before my work appointment as promised. Initially we thought the key fob battery was drained and Paul was willing to drive back to the shop to get a replacement - but that was not necessary as we figured out the problem. I had given Paul the wrong key, but he was super patient. Paul was professional, courteous, and was committed to getting my car up and running again. If you need a hybrid battery replacement then Greentec is the place to go. Greentec's customer service and installation is high quality and personable.


    Washington, D.C.

    Everything as advertised. Very satisfied. 13 year old Camry Hybrid. The car is in great shape but lost the second battery. They have local service, took care of the job in a day at their location and priced as quoted.

    Purchased 48 month warranty which is transferable. Would recommend to anyone.


    Liberty, MO

    I can't say enough great things about my experience with this company ... particularly Brad, who was friendly, patient, extremely knowledgeable and more helpful than just about any customer service person that I have ever dealt with!! I HIGHLY recommend that anyone needing to replace a hybrid battery use this company!!

    Kim Thomas

    Brookfield, IL

    Very pleased with performance of my replacement battery for 2005 Prius. I have 290k miles, and it takes on hills like when I bought it, and doesn't draw-down or over-charge. I'm sure the car with take it's last breath long before this battery does.


    Middletown, CA

    Ron came out and replaced my hybrid battery earlier today. Thank you so much I really appreciate it. He is an awesome guy he's honest and to his word very good at what he does and is very fast.

    Casandra N

    Baytown, TX

    Ron came all the way over to Austin from the Houston area and kept me updated on his arrival time when traffic delayed it. Was very nice and friendly, and changed the inverter out quick as can be. Would definitely recommend to anyone else with hybrid needs.


    Austin, TX

    This company is the real deal. The hybrid battery in our daughter's 2007 Prius failed and GreenTec came and replaced it at her house. Really convenient. About 10 months later we thought the hybrid failed. GreenTec sent a super knowledgeable technician named Misael. Can't say enough good things about Misael. Nice guy, super smart, very thorough, and great diagnostician. He replaced the hybrid battery at no cost to us as it was still in the 24 month warranty period. No fighting, no arguing. Frankly I was a little worried them honoring their warranty but it you're considering GreenTec there's no need to worry. They definitely stand behind their product and are unbelievably easy to work with. Ten out of ten stars from me. Thank you GreenTec and thank you Misael!

    Michael Stacy

    Edmond, OK

    Purchased a battery for our 2006 Honda civic. $1,000 dollar savings from our local dealership. Denis came to our house on the coast of NC, on time, friendly, professional, answered all my questions, 3 year warranty; super service. thanks GTA & Denis.

    Al Hodge

    Washington, NC

    This was great! Got here early, did a nice quick job! Showed up went to work and it’s running a lot better now. Marcus was great!

    Alex Tjaden

    Wentzville, MO

    My 2009 Silverado Hybrid was giving out all types of weird codes. Took it in to the dealer who informed that the battery was at the end of it's life cycle. It was also jerking every time it switched from electric to gas running. Dealer wanted over $4000.00 to replace the battery with a 3 year warranty. Found Green Tec on the internet and there price was almost halve what the dealer wanted with a lifetime warranty. Decided to take a chance on them after looking through the reviews online. They set up an appointment for 11:00 on the next Saturday. Called me about an hour before coming to ask if it was alright if they got here about 30 minutes early (no problem). Karl and his helper arrived on time and took less that an hour to change out the battery. He was friendly, answered any questions that I had and very professional. After changing it out they did a test drive and offered to let me test drive it also. It no longer jerks when changing from battery to gas and runs perfectly. I would highly recommend them for when you need the service on your hybrid. I am very pleased with their service and timeliness.

    Sandy Scher

    Edmond, OK

    Installation in Charlotte was completed in about an hour. Installed new batteries very professionally and with explanation of what was needed. Prius now perfectly runs again as new. Would recommend!

    Carolina Motorworks

    Rock Hill, SC

    Cars are my hobby. I wanted to learn something about hybrids. A mechanic friend had a 2002 Honda Insight for sale that needed a Hybrid battery replacement. Perfect!! Looked around at all the rebuilt batteries and rebuilders. Top contender became Greentec Auto. From the very first contact with Sales to working with Denis Bashmakov in Charlotte this became a very pleasant, professional encounter. Could not have been better!!! Battery has been in service now for ten months now without any glitch whatever. I could not be happier with my little hybrid puppy and its' battery. Thank you, Denis!!

    Grady Pike

    Mount Airy, NC

    Today I called on 11/04/2019 and Greentec was able to bring out their install tech. Marcus the same day to get my hybrid battery in my Toyota Camry replaced and up and running again! thank you to the whole team that was able to help me out and get my car back on the road! He really did a great job!

    Roland Woods

    Raymore, MO

    I am in love with these guys and drive over an hour to New Jersey to go to them. Amir has managed my car warranty impeccably and is always available. Yesterday, 1 mile outside of Bay Ridge Toyota, Christian diagnosed what looks like a failing pump inverter. He pulled up the diagnostic codes and took the time to explain the problem to me. Not only did Toyota charge me for unnecessary repairs, but they also didn't pick up the error codes. Additionally, Christian showed me that my inverter cooling fluid was dangerously low, which is incredible since the Toyota mechanic negligently checked off that my fluids were OK. I can't begin to thank Green Tech enough for your stellar service and for going above and beyond to take the time to educate me on what was going on with my car. It's amazing to see that Green Tech supersedes a Toyota dealership in every way possible. I hope that you have the opportunity to work with Christian and Amir. Aside from appreciating their honesty and depth of knowledge, you will appreciate that they truly care about you and your car.

    Lavonne Roberts

    NYC, NY

    Yesterday we received excellent customer service on our 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid. Both Ron from Houston and Misael from Dallas responded to our warranty call to Greentec Auto. They both came to our house in Austin Texas and worked efficiently together to identify and fixed the problem.

    Allen Stock

    Austin, TX

    I really can't recommend this company highly enough. I went through the usual drill, finding out a replacement battery for my 2009 Prius would cost a fortune through a dealer and also through a local hybrid battery service shop. Luckily I found GreenTec online. Their prices were great and their service was exemplary. Everyone I spoke to at the company was knowledgeable and professional. Latrail Lipsey was the tech that came out to install my replacement battery and he was awesome! It was raining when he arrived and I didn't have a covered area for him to work in but he didn't let that stop him. He installed the battery quickly and efficiently and I was back on the road again in no time. My car is driving great! If you are in the market for a replacement hybrid battery, GreenTec will take great care of you!

    Suzanne Warren

    Grass Valley CA

    I have 2007 Prius and have bought batteries 2 times from Greentec Auto they have stood behind there warranty the first time and the second time they were so wonderful my warranty was had expired about 2 week and they still replaced them for me under warranty. Danny came and replaced my Prius Hybrid battery. Super nice professional and attentive not enough kinds words for him
    Your company is Amazing!! Unbeatable warranty and price. I highly recommend Greentec!!! Extremely pleased.

    Patricia J Mudro

    Peotone , IL

    I have made contact with Greentec Auto and they were nothing but professional in helping and handling my particular case. Easy to deal with and great people here. Don't hesitate getting your battery needs handled by them! Thank you, Brad!!

    Nico Venturoso

    San Diego, CA

    I bought a all new cell battery for my 2005 prius, and when they came to put it in they tech had it put in his car to check it out while he drove to my house to install it. he had road tested it before he put it in my car which I was impressed. The Tech was good and was very pleasant told me a lot about their company and was proud to work there his name was Danny

    David Corsaw

    Smithfield, IL

    I had a new battery installed at Greentec Auto in Hayward. KC arrived early, installed battery quickly , professionally and answered all my question's.
    Highly recommend.

    Mike Parker

    Napa, CA

    I have become a skeptical person after having been screwed over by so many companies over the years but I have to say this is one of the best companies I have dealt with in a long time. My 2011 Prius was down to 30 MPG in the city and I pretty much knew the drive battery was toast. Tested it (I am in the RC battery business (so I know batteries really well) and it was down to around 10% of the rated capacity. Called Greentec auto and talked with reps. All were courteous but reluctant to give out any technical information. I get it. So I ended up buying a replacement with new cells as I am keeping this car for a while. First drive from my friends house to mine. 86.0 mpg! WTF, is that really possible? Well I realized the trip had more downhill stretches so I did the trip in reverse. 50.0 mpg? That means combined I got over 65mpg. Since then been averaging over 50 mpg every trip even hustling the car at times. This is the best purchase I ever made! I bought a 2010 Prius new from the dealer and never got mileage that good. If you want your mileage restored to better than new this is the place!

    William Roe

    Lake Havasu City, AZ

    My brother-in-law in Minnesota referred me to you all since he had a good experience with Greentech when replacing his Prius battery. John the phone rep out of Houston area was excellent when placing my order. Yesterday I had my Hybrid refurbish battery replaced and installed by your tech Ron Hendricks. He was amazing to watch and to see how proficient and quick he was with the install. Gold star for sending this tech- he answered every question I had and was very kind and professional.

    Carita Jundt

    Pipe Creek, TX

    I bought a used 2008 Prius in 2010 that has slowly gone from 48-50 mpg to 40 mpg and the battery indicator showed loss of charge happening much faster than when I bought it. I read about Greentec online and finally called to purchase the 4 year warranty replacement battery pack. Upon receiving an out-the-door price I ordered the battery with installation at the Auburn, WA. facility. Within 5 minutes I had an e-mail invoice with a price $400 cheaper than quoted due to the summer sale (what a nice surprise). Within about 3 hours, Gaven from the Auburn facility, called me to set up an installation time and suggested it could be done that afternoon. Since I live 71 miles away I elected for the next morning at 9:00 am. On arriving this morning I found Gaven and another individual ready to go to work. 30 minutes later I was back on the road again headed home. Wow that was quick. I shortly could tell that some of the old pep I had been missing was back again as the engine performance came back to life. After putting about 100 miles on the new battery from my trip home I found I am averaging 51.2 mpg. Wow, I never expected this kind of improvement from a battery replacement. I never write reviews for anything but because of this incredible improvement wish to finally endorse a company and product. Thank you Greentec Auto.

    John Laurie

    Sequim, WA

    When my Toyota Prius' dashboard lit up, I took it to my regular auto guy and all he could tell me is that there was something wrong with the hybrid system and suggested I contact the dealer. Anyway after a few calls I found Phil in Bowie Maryland, a hours drive away and he was great. Long story short, not only did he get my car all fixed up at a reasonable price he was also a fountain of knowledge about all things hybrid. Very easy to work with, my car is running great again and I also feel like I understand the workings of the Hybrid system so much better! There is a real comfort in knowing how they system works. Thanks Phil!!

    Pete McIver

    Towson, MD

    When my hybrid battery died I thought it was the end of my Prius, but then I found Green tech auto. Batteries are very reasonably priced, and come with a warranty. They came out the same week I called to install ( an almost 6 hour drive for them) everyone I spoke with was polite and helpful, a great experience overall. Ohh and it only took about an hour for them to install the battery and my car was back on the road. Would definitely recommend.


    Marion, OH

    I started experiencing some problems with my 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid. During my research, I stumbled upon Greentec and spoke with a representative named Michaela. She was very helpful and knowledgeable and helped me decide the best course of action. She set up an appointment with Dennis in Charlotte. Dennis did a complimentary scan of my car and it was determined that my DC to DC inverter needed to be replaced. I found Dennis to be not only professional and knowledgeable, but personable. Customer service is the determining factor as to whether or not a customer will recommend and or return to a business in the future. I am elated that my car is fixed and I highly recommend both Michaela and Dennis to help you!

    Tajma Hartsell

    Salisbury, NC

    Highest marks for LaTrail today for his work replacing my original battery on my 2002 Toyota Prius Hybrid. Very professional, very friendly, and answered all my questions. I knew he'd be great because he showed up in the EXACT SAME CAR (2002 Toyota Prius Hybrid) as mine!?! Even down to the same Gray color!!! Wow, what are the odds on that?!?

    Robert Kelaghan

    Penn Valley, CA

    I was looking for a new battery for my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid and I came across with Greentec Auto. I have used the chat icon to walk me through what I'd need to do, asked about mobile installation. I have filled up the form for request of mobile installation. It did not take long for them to call me to advise that somebody from Atlanta will call me to schedule the mobile installation. Before the end of the day Alex called and set up a day where he could come and fix my battery. I would highly recommend Greentec Auto and their services they are reliable, respectful, mindful of other people's time, fast and efficient. Thank you Greentec Auto!

    Marry Ann Sobremonte

    Lawrenceville, GA

    Excellent experience all the way around from the very first call to the knowledgeable fellow somewhere in Kansas to John Thomas and Seth at the location near me in Richardson, Texas. I was so excited to find the best alternative that was affordable, easy and convenient. John at the Richardson location was quick in contacting me. Was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and helped me select the battery that was right for my circumstances. Once I got to the shop John was right there on top of things, pulled my car right around. Once the car was ready Seth, the guy that worked on my car was available to talk to me and answer more of my questions. Seth turns out to be OCD in a good way he was great to talk to and gave me great confidence I had made the right choice by choosing GreenTec. Both John and Seth have restore my faith in a business that values customer service, something that most of the rest of the world has let fall to the way side. The other great thing about GreenTec is that you also have a choice to either take your car to them OR they will come to you! That's right they will come to your home or work or where ever your car is!!!


    Dallas, TX

    I went to Greentec in New Jersey and the guys there were great. Thanks so much Amir!

    Karol P

    Bartonsville, PA

    I had Greentec install a remanufactured battery in my 2003 Prius. i was impressed with the whole operation. Ed arrived with the replacement battery and installed it right in my driveway, took about 2.5 hours. He took the old battery back to Sacramento. It was painless and was much cheaper and convenient than doing the install myself and dealing with the shipping of the new battery and the old battery. The phone staff was professional and very easy to work with. I was impressed with the quality of the work and very short amount of time it took to complete the whole process. My mileage went up by about 5 MPG after the install!
    Greentec is is easy to work , very affordable and the quality of the battery/install was great !

    Reno, NV

    Well, I just got a hybrid battery replacement in my Prius. Adam S. Was very professional. Got there even ahead of schedule. So far I'm pleased.

    Victor Dean Beard

    Princeton, IN

    When i was searching for a new battery for my Honda civic hybrid I was worried about the extreme high prices. Until I found Alex and he told me he could get me a replacement battery and install it for all under $1,300. Great service and he even came to my home to do the job which took less than 30 minutes. Strongly recommended.

    Rodrigo Ortiz

    Atlanta, GA

    If you're in the market looking for a better value on your Hybrid Cell, I strongly recommend this Company. I was quoted from $3000 on up to replace the one in my 2007 Camry. I contacted Greentec Auto, and not only did I get a replacement Hybrid cell, but they also sent a technician to my house to swap out the entire component and all for under $1800 with a two year warranty.

    Ernest D.

    Corp Christi, TX

    Kudos!!! I interacted with the people at Greentec auto for over two weeks. Each interaction was top notch customer centered care.
    Brad and Alex answered my questions; and I had lots of questions. As a woman it was truly refreshing to be to be listened in automotive matters. Brad offered me an affordable option on my hybrid battery replacement that fit my budget. If you are looking for quality, professional service, Greentec is the place.

    JB H.

    East Point, GA

    When I first heard I was going to have to pay a local Toyota dealer $4500 for a new hybrid battery for my daughters 2007 (170,000 mile) Camry I almost fell over dead!!! Do I change the battery or just buy her a new/very used car for $4500...then I found Greentec! By far the most cost effective, timely, friendly, and responsive auto repair transaction I’ve ever had!!! From the online chat with Brad who made me realize I could have the battery installed for half what Toyota was going to charge, to the scheduler (sorry, can’t remember her name...maybe Cheryl), to Marcus, the amazing technician who called me in advance and stayed in constant contact with me about his status and the status of the job. Folks, I called one day and the next day, Marcus was driving from Olathe, Kansas to St. Charles, battery was installed in an hour!!! The entire job cost $2000...$2500 less than Toyota...granted it was a refurb battery, but I’m sure it will last long past the life of the car. Greentec is amazing!!!! And their team is awesome!!!! Can’t say enough!!!!

    Darren Tharp

    St. Charles, MO

    I have a 2010 Prius with 136000 + miles on it and one day suddenly my dash lit up with all kinds of lights and symbols. I called dealership, needed oil change anyway and they said bring it in. I left it and got a call the next day, it could be repaired for $4600 + dollars. My husband said absolutely not, we didn't even know the value of the vehicle. I picked it up and started to research hybrid batteries. That lead me to Greentec Auto and John. He worked with me every way possible to get me back up and running. Tyler was my tech in Nashville. My repair took about 45 minutes and I was out the door and on the road. I have a 4 year warranty and I sure hope it gives me another 81/2 years of service. Prior to this, we had only done the oil changes and replaced the tires. Thank you Tyler and Greentec

    Sheila Lanius

    Goodlettsville, TN

    Wow they made it easy, and yes very affordable.
    The tech was very so knowledgeable, incredibly fast I was in and out in under 20 mins. Customer service person I initially talked was also on point and knew the companies products and services options. Thank you so much Greentec!!!

    George Walrod

    Reston, VA

    Seth came out today and installed a new rebuilt Hybrid battery in my 2008 Camry Hybrid. WOW what a great experience. This kid is so knowledgeable on everything Hybrid I was blown away. Just his knowledge about my car was worth every penny it cost. Thank you Greentec Dallas . A most impressive experience.

    Barry Hamblett

    Henderson, TX

    Alex came today and replaced my Prius Hybrid battery. Super nice professional and attentive not enough kinds words for him
    Your company is Amazing!! Unbeatable warranty and price. I highly recommend GreenTec !!! Extremely pleased.

    Steven Strickland

    Northport, AL

    Amir at the Greentec in Livinsgton, NJ is amazing. We had our battery replaced, but I did the install and did it incorrectly. Nonetheless, Amir and others on the Greentec team were extraordinarily patient with me. They looked over the car several times and never seemed bothered about it -- even though they were not at fault. They went far beyond my expectations. I've raved about them to others and will continue to do so.

    Steven Greenstein

    Newark, NJ

    My son's 2002 Prius was stored in my garage while he was overseas & of course, from lack of use, the 5+yr old starter battery had to be replaced as it would not hold a charge. After replacement of the starter battery by the local dealership, it seemed fine, but the entire panel of warning lights soon came on & I returned to the dealer who determined that the main hybrid battery had to be replaced. Long story short, the quote from the dealer to replace the main battery was $4.5k AND if after replacing the main battery, they were to find the inverter bad as well, it would be more than $10k. The dealer advised I trade-in the car for a new one. Other than the battery, the car was in excellent condition and it made no sense to trade-in for a new car that would see little use other than perhaps a once a week run to the grocery or post office a few miles away to keep the starting battery charged. I ended up taking the car back home to find a better solution.

    We discovered Greentec online - a few conversations with Silvia, their very knowledgeable service advisor, we decided to proceed with a mobile tech who would install a rebuilt battery and bring along an inverter, just in case. The nearest tech was dispatched from NJ - a 4.5hr drive in bitterly cold weather - to my home. He arrived on the scheduled date, confirmed the diagnosis, installed the battery, tested the system & determined the inverter was fine. The total job was $1950 including a 1.5yr warranty. The tech was professional and obviously experienced & efficient - he took time to answer questions & provided guidance about caring for the car while it wasn't in use (keeping the starter battery on a "maintainer charger"- $20 from the local TractorSupply shop) - and since the car was due for inspection --- I needed to drive the car at least 60miles to reset the computer for the inspection test.

    From start to finish - the experience was excellent. The car is running beautifully.

    Ms Ling

    Ithaca, NY

    When our Toyota Camry Hybrid began displaying the warnings "Check Hybrid System" and "Check VSC System", we learned that a replacement hybrid battery would cost about $4,000 from the dealership -- and we'd have to tow the car over Mount Rose. When a Carson City based service tried twice to install a remanufactured battery -- and failed each time, yielding the same dashboard warnings as before -- we were about to give up and tow the car. But we decided to give GreenTec Auto a try -- and the difference was night and day. From estimate to timely arrival at our home to successful installation (in our driveway) of a replacement battery with all-new cells, GreenTec did everything they promised, with great professionalism. And the Camry Hybrid is driving like new -- in its 11th year!


    Incline Village, NV

    GreenTec completely exceeded my expectations! I got the bad news at the dealership that I needed a new battery. The cost was exorbitant so I looked online and found this company. Honestly, I was a little nervous about how it would all turn out.

    I took the plunge and saved ~$2k on my battery and Bruce from Chicago was awesome. He called me immediately after I ordered it and told me exactly when it would be ready. He drove 6 hours on a Saturday to install the battery at my house. My car was up and running with a new battery in 72 hours and an 18 month warranty. Great job Bruce, thank you! I heartily recommend this company.

    Jeff Kampman

    Mentor, OH

    I just want to thank the people a Greentec Auto - They know there stuff. I made a call to inquire about a battery for my 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid and we got everything done in one day. From getting a quote to actually having the battery changed and me driving home in total time of one and half hours. Amazing!!!

    First we got a quote then a phone call to meet for time of install - Took longer to drive from San Francisco to Hayward at one of there locations, then changing out the battery pack. Called the dealer - a refurbished pack with one year warranty for 2700.00 dollars vs 1295.00 and 600 for install vs. 150 for install. What an incredible savings, plus they will check your car to see if everything is proper before they let you go. And to finish it off - just wonderful customer service. Now my car is getting 44.5 mpg vs. 24.6 mpg couldn't be happier!!!!

    Raymond Ng

    San Francisco, CA

    So far so very good. Car runs smoothly. Thanks to Greentec Auto for the excellent service. I will always recommend them.


    East Orange, NJ

    Bought a battery for my Honda insight 6-months ago and the car showed a error code for a bad battery..called GreenTec with code info and they were right on it getting a new improved battery installed very quickly... I REALLY appreciate service like that... it is rare these days THANK YOU !


    Kennewick, WA

    Great Service All Around! After getting the dreaded "Propulsion Power is Reduced" message on my 2012 Chevrolet Volt I reached out to Greentec to see if they could help. After a couple weeks of tracking down, installing and testing a newer 2014 battery, they were able to successfully swap out the old one for the new and improved version. They took the extra time to test the final install to be sure everything was as intended. Before the swap I averaged 40-41 miles of range. After the swap, I'm now averaging 44-45 miles of range. These guys are top notch, and I have a three year transferable warranty for peace of mind. No complaints at all. Thank you

    Hey I just wanna say that I definitely recommend this to anyone who has a hybrid car. I went looking for a place that sold and installed hybrid batteries because mine was deteriorating. When I looked batteries were almost 3500 with Honda itself. I went looking for other options even then no one would want to install it because its dangerous. Then I stumbled upon Geentec Auto and I couldn't believe the price for it. It was the cheapest it gets and the price that's on the site is the price for the battery, the old one, the labor/installation! And not only is that a great price but it also comes with a 12 month warranty! Which covers the cost of another battery and labor and they'll come out to me for no extra cost! I couldn't believe it but I'm so glad I chose them. They have a team of sweet people they will do anything to satisfy your needs on your car. And what's really great is that they drove out to me instead of me taking the car to them. (My car wouldn't have made it) They were perfectly prepared for it and then after they tested the car out to make sure it was working beautifully. I would rate them 110/100. The guy who worked on my car couldn't have made me happier. He was quick, friendly, and sweet. If anything happens to my car I would hope he comes out here to make it better.
    I recommend this place to anyone who's having battery issues. The price is very reasonable and you will not be unsatisfied! 5 stars!


    Allentown, PA

    These people are great and they deserve a lot of credit. Took a Prius there because another mechanic said it needed a new hybrid battery. They checked it and said that wasn't the case and didn't charge me. They could have easily put the new battery in, charged me and I would have still had the same problem (just with a new battery now). It is hard to find honest mechanics these days and these people are just that. I would highly recommend them to anyone and will take my future business there.


    Bowie, MD

    Service was great. Car is working just fine. Recommend this company.

    Joe Farran

    Weirton, WV

    Your service was incredible. Great communication, quick response, and excellent installation. GreenTec Auto exceeded our expectations in every way. Our family cannot thank you enough for making this experience exceptional.

    Robert Dagg

    Lindsey, OH

    Green Tec Auto has relieved the fear and anxiety of having to replace the hybrid battery when it fails after the warranty has expired.  Green Tec Auto in Hayward, CA, within just 45 minutes, installed a new hybrid battery with a 3 year warranty in my 2004 Honda Civic for $1,900, below half the price quoted by the Honda dealer at $4,000.00.  Just call Cindy to order your hybrid battery and to schedule the installation, which was faster than trying on line ordering.


    Clayton, CA

    Just had my hybrid battery replaced on my Avalon at GreenTec auto here in Las Vegas. I was very worried when dropping off the car, I wasn’t sure about leaving it. However Pavel the mechanic turned out to be excellent, he went above and beyond. He not only replace the battery but he checked out the car and made a number of suggestions for me to do to help my car run better. He went over everything that he did and that he would do to the car with me. I would highly Recommend GreenTec and Pavel.

    N Kurtay

    Las Vegas, NV

    Don't hesitate to trust your hybrid battery replacement to these guys. My college-age son purchased a used 1st gen hybrid Civic (the wisdom of that is for another discussion). The battery began to fail last fall, Greentec went on-site at his university and did the replacement, so far so good. Six months later, the engine light is on and a diagnostic says it's the battery. Greentec unhesitatingly shows up at our home to honor the warranty and replace the battery at their expense but more dashboard lights are on. They can't do a complete analysis on the road and recommend we have the car towed to their shop (over an hour away) or see if someone local can take a look. We take it to the local Honda dealer who throw up their hands and say the battery doesn't match their part number and the replacement power management system they tried didn't fix it. Their implied message is to pay them for another battery and trust that it will work. My son already has $2K invested and now Honda says it's not their fault but you can pay us. We bite the bullet and have the car towed to Greentec where they do the full diagnostic and try a new power management system and lo and behold, everything works like new and all the dashboard lights are out. I've seen some reviews that say that you can't trust these guys and they're difficult to work with but if you are patient and ask them to explain difficult terminology and are willing to trust their expertise you will find that they are really working in your best interest. I can't say enough for everyone we talked to there with a special shout of appreciation to Phil at Bowie, MD who patiently walked us through the process and options even when things got a little tense. I wouldn't hesitate to give them my business again.

    Brian Y

    Sterling, VA

    Hey there! Your refurbished inverter for my '02 Prius worked like a charm. Joe Machens Toyota out here in Columbia, MO got it installed without a hitch, and I'm back on the road again.
    Thank you for keeping my beloved car (with 363K miles on it) going!

    Jessica Orsini

    Columbia, MO

    I want to tell you how outstanding Ron and Nawaz are. They arrived early and completed my service in about one hour. Ford wanted $9,000 for a replacement battery and you saved me a lot of money. Your guys and your company get FIVE GOLD STARS from me. If I ever need another battery, you will get my call and I hope Ron and Nawaz are available to install it. Thanks!!!!

    Bennie C Smith

    Houston, TX

    Just wanted to say thanks for your excellent sales and customer service. I bought two Honda Civic batteries from your Charlotte store for two cars at my dealership. It was great that you had them in stock! Thank you Roman, Kelly, Brad, and Denis (hoping i got your names correct). I had a small problem and it was handled with excellence. Special thanks to Denis to drive up here to fix my small problem. I will use you again when i need you.
    Yes i would recommend this company to anyone with a hybrid that needs a battery.

    Worley Maggard

    Germanton, NC

    To be in Vegas and your Hybrid battery goes bad is crazy.. to be in Sandy Valley it is horrible. (A tow to town is about $178!) Greentec came to me and had my vehicle on the road in less than an hour!! When he turned it on it positively only a Hybrid can. No fuss.. totally professional and I couldn’t be happier. Even checked the other engine to make sure all was good there. Amazing service.

    Donna Y.

    Las Vegas, NV

    My car is a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid, with 110K miles, it was on it's second factory hybrid battery. It was a fight with the dealer to replace the 1st one even thought it started failing at 45K miles, the 2nd one started going around 85K miles. at the 110K make the 2nd battery completely failed. The dealer quoted me $4,900 to replace with a new 5.5 amp with a 12 month warranty. After some searching I found Greentec Auto who quoted me $2,100 for a new 8 amp battery with a 36 months warranty. They have great reviews and the experience I had was no different. Their tech drove to my home (over 100 miles) replaced the battery in less than an hour. I just finished a 300+ mile trip. My mileage is back, I hope to keep it for another 100K. Forget the dealer go to Greentec Auto!

    Lee Walsh

    Longwood, FL

    GreenTec Auto has a seamless process to getting your car up and running. I called them 3 days ago and my car is serviced (battery replacements) and , completely, operational. Vlad from the Seattle Branch was professional, knew what he was doing, tested drove the car, answered all my questions, and did an excellent job in less then 45 minutes. Thank you Vlad---Thank you, Greentec Auto! My Prius is on the move once, again.

    R.Van Buren

    Estacada, OR

    Owned a 2001 Prius for 6 years from 2008-15. It needed battery, so got the basic rebuilt battery. It ran like a top after that... for two years, then sold it to young man in late 2015, still running well today (see him occasionally at Starbucks-loved the little Blue Prius.)

    Howard Bunte

    Upland, CA

    After the Toyota dealership broke the news of what it was going to cost for me to get my Prius back up and running. I called Johnny for recommendations. He shared to let Greentec work on it. I have, and I've had a VERY GOOD experience working w Greentec. MOST ESPECIALLY w Johnny Grubs. He's gone over and above in providing insights and recommendations as well as outstanding personal customer service. As he ALWAYS has. I have and will continue to refer people to Greentec for their battery needs.
    Thank you very MUCH Johnny & Greentec

    Carlos Gautier

    St Leonard, MD

    We had to replace the Hybrid battery in our Honda Civic. GreenTec Auto’s prices were much better than Honda and their warranty was 3 years not 1. We live in Canada and I was a bit worried about customs and duties. The staff at GreenTec were awesome and I think had shipped the battery within a day of me ordering it. The customs and duties were minor, and we had the battery installed at a local Honda dealer. All went very smoothly, and the car is running fine, now after several months. Thank you GreenTec.

    Mark Hird-Rutter

    Vancouver, BC

    Called one day and was in the next. I showed up on time and my 2005 Prius was done an hour later. The manager/installer was Polite, clean and knowledgeable. Time will tell how this reconditioned battery works out, but so 80 miles. I was able to drive 80 miles to the shop, after the diagnose from the Toyota Dealer (wanted 4K for a new battery) yesterday. The old battery was heating up on the way to get this replacement, because of the one bad cell I was told. The fan was on half the way there and wasn't a problem at that length of a drive. Worked out fine.

    John Willett

    Poulsbo, WA

    The experience with greentec auto was smooth from start to finish. For less than 60% of the cost the dealer was going to charge, I received more environmentally friendly parts, and competent, professional, and thorough technicians. My car is running beautifully, thanks to a new hybrid battery and other needed repairs. Thanks to the Greentec Auto team!

    Leah Hart

    Glad that Bruce from Chicago location was able to help with issue. He was polite and was able to answer all my questions. He was able to have a conversation and fixed the error of another employee. He went above and beyond what he was supposed to do and was honest. I would recommend him any time.


    Akron, OH

    I used Greentech Auto to replace my sons Prius battery. My own Prius will be needing one of its batteries replaced soon and I will use them again. Very professional and very quick. The price was less than half of what the dealership wanted.


    Clarkesville, GA

    Greentec Auto deserves the highest recommendation. Using Greentec Auto in Hayward saved us almost 50% off of what the dealer, Marin Honda, quoted to replace the IMA battery in our first generation 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid. Greentec Auto also gave us the same warranty on a replacement IMA battery as offered by Marin Honda (36 months for the option we chose). Marin Honda quoted $3,500.00 to replace the IMA battery plus $156.00 for a diagnostic exam to confirm the IMA battery needed to be replaced and to discover if any other problems also were present. Greentec Auto offers the diagnostic exam for free, charged us only $1,695.00 for the IMA replacement battery plus $150.00 for labor for a total of $1,845.00 when we would have had to pay Marin Honda at least $3,656.00 for the same job (I never asked if Marin Honda would have charged extra for labor). Wow, what a huge savings!

    We chose Greentec Auto’s best and most expensive IMA battery replacement option with the longest warranty out of three options available for our car brand, model and year. Check Greentec Auto’s website for options, warranty info and prices for your car’s brand, model and year. Best of all, the car is running great since Chris at Greentec Auto in Hayward replaced the IMA battery. My husband and I were hesitant to try Greentec Auto as we never had heard of the company until we needed a replacement IMA battery. I read several online reviews regarding Greentec Auto which built my confidence in the company. I also spoke to Cindy, the appointment setter at Greentec Auto, who patiently answered all of my questions over four phone calls before we decided to use Greentec Auto. Marin Honda confirmed Honda dealers also use refurbished IMA batteries with new cells as replacements which is what Greentec Auto put into our car.

    After checking the Kelley Blue Book’s online valuation info, we discovered our 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid (with a working IMA battery) would be worth only about $1,000.00 at trade in and just $3,000.00 if sold to a private party. After considering our car’s resale value, we explained to Cindy and Chris at Greentec Auto that if the free diagnostic exam indicated more problems needing repair in addition to replacement of the IMA battery, we would choose to give the car a funeral. Cindy and Chris were very understanding. Chris called us twice during the diagnostic exam to report on the findings. Chris also let us know we might end up needing to replace the small battery as well which we would consider an acceptable expense if necessary in the future. We are delighted Greentec Auto has made it possible for us to get at least another three years of use out of our old car (the option we purchased comes with a warranty for 36 months). Considering our car’s resale value, it would not have made sense for us to pay the prices quoted by Marin Honda. We might keep this old car for only another year, but now we have the freedom to take our time choosing a replacement vehicle thanks to Greentec Auto.

    Thank you, Cindy and Chris! Keep up the great work! Congratulations and thank you, also to the founders of Greentec Auto for recognizing a need in the marketplace and creating a fabulous business to fill the need while offering consumers enormous savings off of dealers’ prices! It’s a win-win! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! : )

    Catherine White

    Stinson Beach, CA

    I was impressed with the excellent service Johnnie provided. Not only did he fix my car he guided me through the entire process and exceeded my expectations. Greentec Auto is a great company that went the extra mile to take care of all my needs. Thanks so much Johnnie. GREAT JOB!

    Michael Kosh

    Waldorf, MD

    They were A1 grade 1 very professional for one!! On time, an the job was done with no problem they was no more than an hour.. Chris and his partner you Guys rock❗💯✊ Job well done!!... Thanks Greentec Auto..


    Middletown, N.Y.

    I happened upon your website when reading an online blog about replacing a hybrid battery. I had been car shopping all week, thinking my 2007 Prius was a goner when the Red Exclamation Point of Death appeared on my dash. At 220,000 miles, I didn't want to spend the $3000-4000 on a replacement battery, but I hated the thought of getting rid of my car, it has been so good to me! I quickly scanned the Greentec Auto website and looked at the map for locations. To my surprise and astonishment, there was the only New England location... 20 minutes from my home! I called back, talked over the options, chose a battery, and my local tech installed it within a day. The whole process was simple, quick and so satisfying! I didn't need a new car after all! Thank you, Greentec Auto, you have a terrific thing going!


    Pomfret Center, CT

    Ronnie from the Largo, FL location was superb. Responded quickly, arrived promptly, worked efficiently and was so polite and courteous. He nearly blew me away as I hardly ever see that kind of service and manners these days. He is definitely a keeper for your company.

    Maureen Foster

    Brandon, FL

    John from TX was the first one I spoke to for information. Robert from the Greentec Norcross, GA came to my location to replace the IMA battery on my 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid. This is just to say thanks for the terrific work. Not only was the value great, but everyone that I came in contact with from Greentec was most courteous, helpful and knowledgeable! Keep it up. I wish more companies in the auto industry were as conscientious customer-centric as Greentec.

    Miheer Shah

    Marietta, GA

    Bought a used 2005 Honda Accord that had a check engine light IPA code dealer wanted 3800 for 3yr battery warranty & installation Greentec did it for 1900 with same warranty & installation. Within 1hr car runs great and I’m a happy customer. I recommend GreenTec to hybrid riders.

    John Sr

    Victorville, CA

    I have 2005 Toyota Prius with 250k miles and called GreenTec on Monday Thanksgiving week. They said week after Thanksgiving to get battery, but their tech called me on Tuesday and said he would have battery on Wednesday and he would do the replacement on Thanksgiving day. He arrived about 10:30 in morning on Thanksgiving. By 11:30 he was done and went on a test drive. All was well again. Great tech and good service. Thanks to all at GreenTec!

    Robert Pilling

    Grants Pass, OR

    I have a 2006 Prius with 130K miles and received warning lights that indicated a problem with the hybrid battery pack on August 3rd. I took it to the local dealership and they confirmed that the pack needed to be replaced and the cost would be $3,300 with a one year warranty. With the age and mileage of my car, I wasn't sure it was worth it. So I did a Google search and found GreenTec Auto. I read some positive testimonials on the site and also on a Prius forum. So I contacted GreenTec and decided to go for the mid-range battery option at $1,345.00. I am in Alabama and their nearest location is in Louisiana, so I figured I'd have to have it shipped to me and figure out how to install it (I've read that it can be difficult). However, I found that they would do an onsite installation for $400, which is very reasonable for the distance and the fact that I wouldn't have to set apart a day to attempt the replacement. I still figured I'd have to take a half day off of work to meet the technician, however I was contacted by the technician, Robert, who said that he could come out to my house on SUNDAY afternoon and replace the pack. This was awesome to me and he came out and replaced it in less than an hour! He was very knowledgeable and thorough. That's been almost two months ago now and I have not had any problems. I highly recommend these guys. The at-home installation is a GREAT benefit.

    Tim Kelly

    Childersburg, AL

    Dear Toni,
    Just a quick note to thank you for your attention to our needs and exemplary customer service when my son needed a remanufactured hybrid battery for his Prius. Given the age of the car, yours was the perfect solution, and your ability to answer all questions and make the necessary production and shipping arrangements were most helpful. I won't hesitate to recommend GreenTec when other hybrid owners ask about rebuilt batteries.
    Thank you again and have a great summer.

    Mark Woodward

    Norwich, VT

    Thank you and GreenTec for your outstanding service. The technician-Phil?-was extremely conscientious, polite and so efficient he left before I could give him a cash tip. The car appears to be running well-although only completed a few hours ago. The interior is so clean, you would never know the seat back had been removed.

    While the replacement is not cheap-Greentec was half the cost of the local Honda service group and performed the exchange of batteries at my home.
    Thank you again for outstanding and upstanding service.

    Sincerely yours,

    Dave Marcello

    West Hartford, CT

    My 2002 Toyota Prius needed a new battery. We first checked the price at Adams Toyota in Lee Summit, Missouri but found their pricing was ridiculously expensive, would take 3 days to get the part in, then another day to install it, and they only offered only a one year warranty. So we let our fingers search the internet for a more viable option and discovered GreenTec Auto of Raymore, Missouri.
    To our complete surprise, they offered "AT HOME" service and replacement battery for only $2000, and their warranty was for TWO years! Their contact person, Jani, was delightfully personable and very knowledgeable. We booked an appointment with repairman Scott, for the next day.
    Being a USAF retiree, we were even honored with a $100 off discount!!! It just doesn't get any better than this, folks! Their service, their professionalism, and their overall business attitude was above reproach. Scott had my Prius singing again in just over two hours.
    Do yourself a favor... if you need a battery for your hybrid, call this company. You'll be glad you did!

    Gina Parker Wallace

    Blue Springs, MO

    If you are reading this then you are much like i was, worried that this GreenTec Auto is some sort of shady fly by night operation. Let me put your fears at ease. This is legit. After some deliberation and many phone calls i finally decided to commit to using GreenTec to replace my Prius Battery. First, let me point out to you the massive savings that you get by using GreenTec and not going to the dealer. Second, my tech came out to my house and replaced it in my driveway, something a big time car dealer would never do. They drove down from KC Mo to Republic Mo, yes they did charge me but worth every penny. They were on time and called to give you the " I am an hour out" updates.

    I had the coolest and most knowledgeable tech install my battery. Can't remember his name but he was a former Marine helicopter mechanic and he answered all my questions and then some. I must say, this kid is what really sold me on the company. He is the perfect face for the company. He was like a friendly machine, his system for unscrewing and putting the screws and bolts in containers was something you develop from doing something many, many times. He also could answer any question you have about batteries and the car. He rebuilds them, he studies them, and he knows his stuff. 45 minutes later my car is running he does a test drive, resets the system and then chats for a few more minutes with me and is gone. By far the best service i have ever had dealing with a car repair. I recommend him, the company, and if I could I would by stock. I will use them any time i can.

    Robert Huffman

    Branson, MO

    I am a happy customer after 2002 Prius battery replaced. Keep up with the good works and thank you all.

    Charles C

    Lynnewood, CA

    I purchased my first hybrid, a 2008 Honda Civic, in August 2013 from a used car dealer. Since it was my first, I did a bit of research, but I still could not know what to expect. My hybrid battery's charge would go from full to near empty and back rather quickly. I was enjoying saving on gas, but after only a few months, I started seeing an IMA light. After doing further research, it appeared my battery was not only not charging properly, but it was already dying and would need to be replaced. My nearest Honda dealer confirmed it as well as a replacement price of about $3,000! The situation became worse when the used auto dealer from whom I purchased the car refused to even look into the matter even though they should have realized the battery may have been faulty. After reporting that company to the Better Business Bureau, I started to look for other, less costly options.

    That's when I came across GreenTec. It looked like I could save quite a bit through them, but since the replacement would still cost quite a bit, I looked into the company as much as possible, including calling to get an EXACT quote with all labor, taxes, and potential fees. I was impressed to hear that the price listed on the website WAS the exact total if I was to bring my hybrid to one of their locations. So, with a quote and a warranty promise, I brought my car to the Washington, DC location. The two gentlemen I met there could not have been more kind and the service was much faster than I expected. They even each ran test drives to ensure the new battery was in proper working order. I was out the door in less than an hour! That was about a month and a half ago. I have tested the battery since then in both short and long trips and while I enjoyed the car before, I love it even more now that the new battery is saving me even more in fuel costs! I have no complaints though I wished they had a location closer to Raleigh. However, they had other options available and I drove to Washington by choice. With that said, I would like to apologize to the great people who helped me. I said that I understood that your company is growing and I intended to leave good reviews wherever I could as long as everything turned out well. I apologize for my delay as I did not intend to wait this long to leave a review. However, doing so has only allowed me to test the new battery further and my thanks to you has only grown! Thank you again! I will highly recommend you to any hybrid owner who is experiencing battery issues!


    Raleigh, NC

    After talking to a Honda dealer and found out how expensive their hybrid battery was, I almost thought about buying a different car. First I didn't know that your company offered installation so I checked with the dealer if they will do the installation. The dealer, of course, quickly said that your batteries were not Honda certified. When I read many of the testimonies of how happy your customers were and after doing some of the research myself on line, I decided to purchase the battery and have you installed it for me. People who came was awesome and first tried to see if they can use the current battery as they found a loose wire. They spent many hours test driving the car. They never pushed me to do anything like the Honda dealers did. After they fixed the current battery for me, I finally decided to replace the battery as it was getting so old and my car was not performing well. After they installed the battery, it went from 39 mpg to 52 mpg. Your company is awesome and I'll recommend your company to anyone who needs to replace hybrid batteries. Thanks a lot for your help. Hope your company will be expand to help more people in the States.

    Azusa Johnson

    Woodbridge, VA

    Brought my daughters 2001 Toyota Prius to GreenTec Auto at your Upper Marlboro location for a battery. Tim Razumousky was great!!! I really appreciate the service and personal time he took to ensure her car was in proper running condition. His knowledge of the hybrid was outstanding. I was very impressed that it took under 2 hours to complete the job, while other dealers had told me it was going to take 4 hours. It was well worth the 1 1/2 drive for us to bring the car to you.

    I would and will highly recommend anyone who is having trouble with their hybrid to contact you. It has been over a month now since you repaired her car, and my daughter is very excited that it is running smoothly. It is amazing that a battery can cause so many different things to not work properly. We are thankful that we now have someone dependable that we can count on to do her repairs if she ever needs further repair. Thank you again Tim R.

    Daniel Smith

    Capon Bridge, WV

    I bought a replacement battery from GreenTec in Fall of 2012. Using GreenTec's video, I was able to replace it myself fairly easily. Unfortunately, by Summer of 2013, it was failing - unable to hold a charge - turning on warning lights - and sometimes shutting down. GreenTec honored my warranty - and then some ... This Fall, they personally delivered another battery to my house and replaced it for me. Over 500 miles on this battery and running fine.

    Dave Danenberg

    Glastonbury, CT

    GreenTec Auto is a company that is unique in today's world. Their customer service is outstanding! I own an Automotive repair shop on the outskirts of St.Louis Mo. We purchased a hybrid battery from GreenTec Auto and installed it into the vehicle, after the installation the system would not charge. We spent some time resetting the system and troubleshooting the problem with no luck finding the issue. We called the technical support team at GreenTec Auto and they very diligently tried to help us over the phone. When we could not seem to resolve the issue, they totally shocked me when they told me that they were going to send a technician out to troubleshoot it on site. The technicians drove 5 hours from Kansas City to St.Louis and spent 3 hours troubleshooting the vehicle and found the problem and then drove 5 hours back (on a Saturday no less). I have been in business for more than 20 years and I have never had a company to go to such lengths to ...

    Kevin Thomas

    St. Louis

    Because I could get one of GreenTec's rebuilt hybrid batteries for half of what it would cost me to get a new battery for my 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid, I drove 125 from Richmond, VA, to Lothian, MD (outside DC) to get a GreenTec battery.  I was also persuaded to go by the helpful information and comments that I was able to get over the phone.  What most impressed me was that the service man removed my old battery, installed the new one, and checked everything out in less than one hour.  He was also friendly , answered all my questions, and was otherwise informative.  I'm so glad that i discovered GreenTec over the internet.

    Ellis West

    Richmond, VA

    Superior service!!! Best service I have experienced in a long
    time. They were honest and the installation was done in very little time. Steve was my installer and he is the most knowledgeable guy. He even tested the car to be sure that the battery was the issue with the car before replacing it. I would definitely recommend
    this company to anyone looking for a battery for a Prius. Total cost was $1700
    with installation and was done in my driveway. Dealer quoted $4600.

    Tanya L.

    Ellicott City, MD

    I own a first generation 2002 Toyota Prius and it had all the Hybrid lights flashing and was unable to be driven or restarted.....GreeTec Auto was able to discern it wasn't the hybrid system or the catalytic converter which had an engine code, but was not causing the problem... they quickly diagnosed the issue and was able to do it very economically. I highly recommend their shop and they also try to help those on a fixed budget like students and retirees 🙂

    James H. Applegate, CA

    James H

    Applegate, CA

    I'm excited to write my first review on the internet because it saved lot of money on my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid battery.

    After buying the car from a Honda dealer, unfortunately within three months IMA battery was ON. As there was no warranty from the dealer and Honda company, I bought two batteries from LKQ junk yard in Sacramento one after the other, both were not working. Even though LKQ refunded my money for the batteries, I had to spend 250 dollars for a mechanic to change the battery each time.

    After running the car for a month with IMA on, I came to know GreenTec Auto through my colleague and contacted Tim Razumovsky to enquire about the Hybrid battery. They are very friendly and got excellent experience on Hybrid batteries. Bought the battery from GreenTec Auto for a reasonable price, they came to my place and fixed the battery without any additional charge. Once the battery was installed, they made sure that it is working by driving the car for 50 miles. It has been more than one year since the battery was installed, my car is running great, there was no issues with the battery and I'm getting 45 mpg combined.

    They call me now and then asking whether any issue with the battery or car. It has been a great experience for me with GreenTec Auto. I would recommend them if anybody is looking for Honda Civic Hybrid battery. My car saves me around $4000 per year, it is worth to buy a battery for a reasonable price from these guys.

    I bought the battery when I was in California, it looks like now they have opened a shop in Washington D.C, it is a good news for the east coast folks.

    Vinod T.

    Littleton, CO

    Very impressed with your work on our Honda 2006 Hybrid. People are so fearful of investing in such a car because they are worried about the outlay of funds for a new IMA battery later on. Well.....along comes GreenTec Auto and problem solved! We were able to dive our Honda 147,000 miles before we needed a new battery and you were able to provide it at almost $1,000 savings. WE are happy campers!!!

    Angus McDonald

    Angus McDonald

    Chesapeake, Va

    I want to say a huge THANK YOU to you guys for helping me with my 2006 Toyota Prius yesterday!

    Last Saturday (30NOV13), the "red triangle of death" or RTOD (the bright red triangle light with an exclamation mark in the middle) came on in my car while I was driving in DC...

    Advanced Auto Parts' computer showed that my car's hybrid battery pack needed to be replaced. Since their computer couldn't provide a printout, I went to the AutoZone store nearby and had them hook up their computer to my car (I knew they provided a printout of the codes so I could have a second opinion & documentation of the issue).

    Searching on Google on my iPhone, I found Greentec Auto and contacted you to see what you could do for me. I had already contacted the Toyota dealer and they wanted $3400 to replace and install the hybrid battery pack.

    On Tuesday, the light went off and I thought... maybe it was just a fluke... but then yesterday morning (Friday), the RTOD came on again... I was really concerned this time as my car was very sluggish and I was really worried that the hybrid battery was about to fail. (BTW - when the Prius hybrid battery fails, the car will NOT operate)

    I called you guys and you told me that you keep the hybrid battery packs IN STOCK and that I could come over right away... I got there at 12N and you were finished before 2PM!! My Toyota Prius RUNS LIKE NEW!!!! And it only cost me $1520!!!

    Thank you Tim, for an amazing customer experience!!! You guys are great (I don't know the other guy's name) - and I really really really appreciate the way you made me feel like a valued customer and not just a number... you guys are awesome... plus, I have NEVER seen a cleaner shop than yours!!

    Also, I want to give a shoutout to Brenda and Jani back at the home office!!! You gals rock!!!!!

    Tell your family and friends about Greentec Auto!!!

    Thank you Greentec Auto! I wanted to say how much I appreciate your knowledge and your service! As a "new-to-me" Prius owner, I appreciated your clarity to my questions and the quality of your work. It is nice to know that there is a company who has not lost sight of the customer. Your mechanic/installers and the office staff were amazing!

    Paula Watkins Wyant

    McKinleyville, Ca

    I would not hesitate to recommend Greentec Auto for hybrid battery replacement if you are in northern CA around the Bay Area. Denise from Sacramento shop came to my home in Pinole and took care my 01 Prius hybrid battery problem not once, but twice on the weekend. Denise is a great and friendly guy to do business with..

    Antonio Chan

    Sacramento, CA

    Thank you so much for your great service and honesty! Would definitely recommend you to all of my friends! With the "new" battery, our lovely PII is finally back to 53+mpg. Very good job, fast service! Thank you again!

    Stefan Kuehnert

    I just want to say what a great job Curtis did in installing my battery last weekend. It didn't take long at all, and he was kind enough to let me watch the process and pester him with questions throughout. The car has been running great ever since.

    Thanks again for everything, and if I ever need another battery, I know where to go.


    ... I am so glad I found your company.  If I ever meet someone who needs a hybrid battery I will tell them about you.


    Loyal Client

    Thanks Brenda. All things considered, I really enjoyed the experience with your company.

    Donna Y

    Thanks so much for the receipt and for fixing our Prius.  It's working beautifully!

    Also, thank you for your very professional, friendly, and informative  customer service. Brilliant! Well done!

    Best regards,



    I drive a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid. In 2011 I replaced the Hybrid battery with my local dealership. Within the year the IMA indicator light in the car came on. Apparently my new IMA battery was already going bad. I decided to see how long it lasted and waited to replace the battery until my vehicle stopped running. I am glad for that because it lasted longer than the dealership estimated.
    I did a google search of other companies that replaced hybrid batteries because I was looking for a company who would warranty the battery for an extended length of time and preferably offer a cheaper product.

    I was thrilled to find the company and when my car finally died 1/10/15 I contacted them for service. I contacted them through their website on a Sunday evening and was called the very next morning. I paid the $500 deposit for my new battery. I was told I would be called in 1-2 days to schedule the installation.
    Unfortunately I did not hear from them in that time frame. On Friday I contacted them again and learned that the person who schedules appointments had been out sick the whole week and so they were waiting for her return to schedule appointments. They did recontact me on Monday to let me know that same person was still sick. However, the indicated one of the tech's would call me on Tuesday to schedule an appointment for Wednesday. They did call me and I set my appointment for Wednesday morning.
    Right on time my technician Zach came to my home for installation on 1/21/15. The installation took about 45 minutes but it was another 1 hour and 1/2 before he was done because my car was not resetting the error codes. Zach was able to figure that out and resolve it. After he left I drove the car too work, about 15 miles. During that drive the IMA error light came back on. I was able to recontact immediately and Zach came back and met me at my work. He was able to resolve the issue in about an hour. He indicated to me that the lights kept coming back on because the battery and ECU in the car were not communicating probably and it just takes driving it around and resetting a few times to sync up.
    Since then I have driven about 40 miles and the lights have not come back on.
    Zach was very professional and diligent in resolving the problems. He also indicated to me that I should recontact them if the lights came on again.

    I am satisfied with their service but was frustrated to have to wait so long for my appointment. They did address the situation quickly when I brought it to their attention and followed up until I was scheduled. I was extremely satisfied that the tech continued to work until my warning lights stopped coming on. The battery I purchased comes with a 48 month warranty which I am thrilled to think this battery will last much longer than my previous purchases. I would definitely recommend this company to friends and family.

    I am updating this original review because a couple weeks after driving my vehicle the IMA light came on again. Green Tec Auto sent out two techs to diagnose the problem. They were able to make the light go off, and appeared to stay off, while they were there but advised that the battery was operating normally and if the light came on again it was not my battery. The next day the light did again turn on. I called them again to get direction on why the light keeps coming on. GreenTecAuto came and picked up my vehicle for further diagnostic testing. They provided me a loaner vehicle while mine was the shop. They were able to identify the problem (My ICU was burning out causing the IMA light to trip). They were able to repair the problem for me in one business day and returned my vehicle too me. It has been a little over a week and the IMA light is still off.
    I appreciate there dedication to follow up on my vehicle even though the problem turned out to be more than my cars battery. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a professional team to replace their hybrid battery.

    Charlotte H.

    Kearney, MO

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