LTO Titanate Li-ion 1.1kWh 24cell SCiB cells

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1.1Kwh total, 550W each section of 12 cells. Tested at 20.5Ah.
These are Lithium Titanate cells, very durable and long lasting.

24 cell total, 2 rows of 12. Each cell is 45W,
Each cell is 2.3V nominal. Voltage range from 1.5V to 2.7V
Hooked up in series, but are able to be flipped around and hooked up in parallel.
Comes as a 64.8V pack, can be reconfigured to 32.4V by flipping around one of the blocks.

Only two long modules remaining. See last picture for reference.

Out of stock

VOLTAGE RANGE for one row of 12 cells
32.4V Maximum
30V Nominal
18V Minimum

VOLTAGE RANGE for whole module 24 cells
64.8V Maximum
60V Nominal
36V Minimum

9.5 inches wide
10.5 inches long
5.5 inches tall


Nominal Capacity 20 Ah
Nominal Voltage 2.3 V
Operating Voltage 1.5 to 2.7 V
Operating Temperature −30° to 55°C
Charging Method CC-CV

Long Life Cycle Characteristics: Exceptional long life is achieved by using new oxide-based materials. Capacity loss after 6,000 charge-discharge cycles is less than 20%.
Inherently Safe – The battery’s advanced safety features include Toshiba’s proprietary lithium titanate technology which prevents thermal runaway.
Fast Charge Rates – Capable of full recharge in <10 minutes (160 A, 8C charge rate), SCIB™ batteries increase customer up-time and productivity and enable efficient capture of regen energy.
Greater Usable Capacity – The battery provides up to a 100% usable range of SOC without compromising cycle life. This allows the customer to use more of the rated capacity and therefore use a smaller battery.
High Output Performance – SCiB™ batteries offer a power density nearly equivalent to that of ultra-capacitors. This ensures sufficient power output (160 A continuous) for high power application needs.
Superb Temperature Performance – The battery excels at temperatures as low as −30°C and up to 55°C. This provides excellent application performance in extreme environmental conditions.
Production – Producing the batteries on a state-of-the-art automated high volume production line ensures that the customer receives the highest quality battery and stable supply to meet the most demanding application needs.

8 reviews for LTO Titanate Li-ion 1.1kWh 24cell SCiB cells

  1. R Craig Fisher

    I made a review of this battery back on January 13,2021. Since then, I acquired another five of these batteries to complete filling up the first rack I built. After having the 20 batteries in full operation, I wish I had purchased twenty more when Greenleaf lowered the price to $250 each, after I spent $100 more per battery. I just wasn’t 100% sure they would work in my operation with them. I thought that the extremely fast charge and discharge rate would be too fast and their light density would be a real problem. Nope, was I ever wrong. They will return to a full charge on a cloudy day, especially if the sun pokes through for an hour. I’m changing my rating to five stars *****

  2. r Elliott

    The products are excellent. They could use more tech help and our order weighed 4 tons which caused some angst but FedEx solved it. Overall a fourstar and they learned a little so probably five the next time.

  3. R Craig Fisher

    I purchased a total of 15 of these batteries for my off-grid farm/ranch in a secluded rural area in North Idaho. As I am gone through the winter months from December to April, and have no way to keep my batteries above freezing temperatures, this battery is perfectly suited for my needs. I just wish I had bought five more of them before they ran out of them.

  4. Steve (verified owner)

    Received batteries in 3 days. Packaging was very good. All cells were very close in voltage. Very happy with purchase. Thank you, Steve

  5. James P. Hazenstab Jr. (verified owner)

    Order 3 , Two day delivery , The BMS’s work Great , Packaging like Samsonite Suit Case ( The gorilla lost out again) .
    Charged – All cells within .01v each . Just like the one before , I bought of them on Ebay
    Using on 48v UPS

  6. Ian George (verified owner)

    Item as advertised .. delivered in a timely manner .. well packaged .. arrived in good condition .. soo impressed with the cells, this is my 2nd purchase to get more of them.

  7. Kelly H (verified owner)

    This battery is a good deal for what you’re getting. My guess is that these are from Honda Fit series E-bikes. But into the meat of the battery itself, it can be broken into 4 banks of 6 cells each around 14.7-15v nominal, good for a portable power pack type usage. Lithium Titanate batteries are low fire danger, quick charging and seem to self balance without a BMS system. The buss bars are .15 nickle and easily shaped/cut for connectors and crimp connectors but beware, they are very delicate and easily snapped off. Some knowledge of lithium battery welding is pretty good to know.

    The price is decent, but I did find their ordering and shipping speed to be a little clunky, which is why I didn’t give this particular item 5 stars.

  8. Steve Mardell (verified owner)

    Batteries were packaged well and fast shipment. No damage. Took the covers off and tested individual cells and all were within tolerance and all packs were very closely balanced together. I requested all same cells from same pack and got what i asked for. Will do future business with them again. Customer service was very helpfull as well getting my order taken care of through website and via emails.

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