A123 12V 40Ah Li-ion Lithium Battery Module


A123’s UltraPhosphate Lithium-ion 12V Engine Start Battery sets a new performance standard for micro-hybrid vehicle applications by delivering outstanding cold cranking power with a battery that outperforms incumbent lead-acid technologies. By utilizing advanced chemistry and system design, the A123 solution offers outstanding cycle life, high charge acceptance, and up to a 60% weight reduction over lead-acid. A123’s UltraPhosphate difference provides a robust lead-free solution to the rigorous demands of start-stop and recuperation, which are key fuel saving features of a micro-hybrid vehicle. Already producing a third generation product, A123 continues to set the bar on lithium-ion battery performance.

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A123's robust 12V battery can accept high rates of charge and capture several times more energy from regenerative braking for improved vehicle fuel economy and reduced emissions. This advantage is sustained over product life and does not suffer the severe performance degradation experienced with lead-acid technologies.

A123’s breakthrough Lithium-ion chemistry now delivers a wider temperature operating range for exceptional cold crank performance that outperforms lead acid and also contributes to system reliability.

A123’s UltraPhosphate delivers a solution that widely performs for the life of the vehicle. Long life and high durability in start-stop applications defer the need to replace the 12V Starter Battery, which improves vehicle manufacturers warranty risk and total cost of ownership for the consumer. Cold Temperature Performance Extensive Cycle Life Dynamic Charge Acceptance

A123 battery pack.
LiFePO4 battery cells.
2P4S configuration, Cells are laser welded together.
20Ah cells are used.
Output current 650A
40Ah, 528Wh.

Length: 6.25 inches
Width: 6.75 inches
Height: 7.5 inches

Cell Voltages
Max: 3.6V
Nominal: 3.3V
Min: 2.7V

Module Voltages
Max: 14.4V
Nominal: 13.2V
Min: 10.8V

Operating Temp -30C to 55C
Storage Temp -40C to 60C

Battery pack has something wrong with circuitry, not cells.
BMS, Relay, Fuse, or Voltage Sense Harness could have a problem.
Main posts on top might not have voltage due to the BMS disabling the contactor due to issue above.
Battery cells will have voltage and be in good working order.

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