A123 LFP 36V 20Ah 720Wh High Current Battery Modules

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BAE Systems 40V battery with A123 LiFePO4 battery M1B Cells able to deliver tremendous amount of current for high power applications.

Price Per kWh: $67/kwh; $54/kWh; $50/kWh

Years: 2012-2014

Shipping: Free Ground, Paid Freight

Warranty: 3 Months


Limited Warranty: 1 Month

Part Number: 235C9387G1

We are not guaranteeing the BMS, the purchase of this product is mainly for the good cells left in the battery module. This product has been used in Hybrid buses and has been maintained to retain maximum battery cell efficiency in our care. Capacity has not been checked, only open circuit voltage.

  • The newest version of A123 M1B cells comes in at 2.5Ah per cell.
  • Each Module for comes with 96 cells.

*Shipping for a pallet must be to a commercial address, freight terminal pickup, or to one of our locations for pickup. No modules will be shipped with dead cells on arrival, all cells will be charged and balanced. 3 Month warranty from delivery of Modules.

Module Specifications

Make BAE Systems
Model 235C9387G1
Dimensions (WxLxH) 31" X 6.5" X 3"
Weight 19.55 lbs
Voltage 40V
Configuration 12S8P, 12*3.2v = 38.4v
Current 400A contiuous, 960A Peak
Watt Hours 736 wH
Battery 26650 LiFePO4
Voltage Miniumum 2V * 12 = 24V
Voltage Nominal 3.3V * 12 = 39.6V
Voltage Maximum 3.6V * 12 = 43.2V

Cell Specifications

Model ANR 26650 M1B
Chemistry LiFePO4
Dimensions(DxH) 26mm(1.0") x 65.15 mm(2.6")
Max Current 50A
Nominal Voltage 3.25V +/- 0.05V Nominal, 3.2V Average
Nominal Capacity
2500 mAh (at 0.2C rate, 3.65 +/-0.05V cut-off)
Charging current Standard Charging: 2.5A, 1.0C rate
Maximum Charging: 10.0A, 4.0C rate
Temperature Range Charge and Discharge: -30°C to 55°C
Storage: -40°C to 60°C
Additional information

1 Module A123 M1B, 1 Module A123 M1A, 2 Modules A123 M1B, 2 Modules A123 M1A, Pallet of 50 Modules M1B, Pallet of 50 Modules M1A

2 reviews for A123 LFP 36V 20Ah 720Wh High Current Battery Modules

  1. Andrey B (verified owner)

    Purchased two of these modules and both were perfectly balanced. Between each cell I was only seeing about .01-.02 volts difference. Don’t know what I’ll use them for yet but can’t beat that price. Might make a 12v 60ah high discharge battery with these. Thanks to greentec, batteries are being reused and repurposed at an affordable price.

  2. Zee

    I wasn’t sure about going to LiFePo because of the application. I needed a dual purpose, engine start and main battery bank for a boat that has liveaboard capability. Lead acid is typically used because its stable, reliable and can start an engine. Lithium batteries being sold for RV’s boats trolling motors aren’t typically rated for startup currents and often the BMS fails which would lead to a serious issue on a boat. Think storm coming and batteries electronics says you are staying put.
    After looking at the specs of these, they are certainly capable of easily starting an engine without degradation. Just one of these would put 24 cells worth in parallel and each can supply 50 amps continuously so startup is no issue. They aren’t as energy dense as other newer offerings but, they are reliable, won’t even blink at the task of engine starting and weigh far less than lead acid.
    It does take some time to cut and join this to be a 12 volt system. I ordered three of the B type and wired them up as a 12 Volt system. Added a cell balancer (capacitive type) and installed on the boat 14 feet from the engine using 1 gauge cable.
    The moment of truth came and it was time to test the new setup. Motor started cranking faster than the two golf cart batteries could ever do it and they were 3 feet from the engine. So no issues starting up!
    I also have a sanitization system for the head. This requires 40Amps for several minutes when operated. Previously the voltage always dropped a little and I thought I might need to change the electrode pack (the unit has had over 3000 operations) as it could never maintain the required current. I tried it with this battery setup and to my surprise, it maintained 17 Amps for the electrode pack when all it could do before was about 12. That mean I don’t need to replace the $500 electrode pack just yet. No idea how long my luck there will last but I’m pretty happy right now!
    They have been fitted now for a few days and are working great. So great that I ordered another three. Might as well have a ton of power on board. May even make an all electric AC unit for these hot Carolina nights on longer trips!
    The batteries arrived well packed and undamaged. They also arrived very well balanced which was a huge bonus. I didn’t check every cell or do capacity tests. I don’t have that much interest or am that pedantic. These are a bargain and suit my needs very well.
    My wife did the ordering and was very happy with the professionalism and prompt responses. Turns out I was the first person to purchase these. Maybe I’m also the second now? lol
    In any case, they are excellent batteries if you know and want to put the effort into modifying the assembly for 12 Volts. Just get a charge balancer if you do.
    I chose to not use a BMS. The array comes with individual current limiting and group current limiting by the way of reduced area in the sheet that connects them. If something goes wrong, the cells are individually protected and the assembly is also protected for a far greater current capacity.

    If it wasn’t such a PITA to do, I’d get another 6 pack and put them in the other hull and never have to worry about power issues again. I could make an entirely electric boat for day trips with this setup.

    I have no affiliation with this company. It is the only product I have ever purchased from them but I completely recommend them and these batteries based on my experience so far. I really really am tempted to make my boat electric with a bunch of these!
    Sorry about the length of the review, but I hope it helps someone who is on the fence about trying these.

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