Envision NMC 48V 98Ah 4.2kWh | Brand New



Price per kWh: $83/kWh

Years: 2022

Shipping: Ground, $45

Warranty: 6 Months, Extendable

More information:

These modules were part of the product line assembly test. We have had these on our shelf for over 6 months to make sure there was no self discharge issue with any of them. These have never been used in any application. They are easy to take apart, the cells are pouch cells but have threaded contacts for easy assembly and disassembly. These were made for Cummings trucks, they provide power to the cabin while the engine is off and the driver is sleeping. 

This battery would be great for a Golf Cart due to its small footprint and easy terminal access on top. Adding a BMS is easy due to the bolts on top of the busbar, ring terminals on the BMS leads would make it a simple installation.


Nominal Module Energy: 4.2kWh

Nominal Cell Capacity: 49Ah

Module Configuration: 12S2P


Max Module Voltage: 49.8V

Nominal Module Voltage: 45V

Min Module Voltage: 36V

Max Cell Voltage: 4.15V

Nominal Cell Voltage: 3.75V

Min Cell Voltage: 3V


Length: 10 inches

Width: 8 ¾ inches

Height: 12 ¾ inches

Weight: 65lb

Additional information

Single Module, 4 Pack


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