Gigavac Contactors Vishay Resistor and Ferraz Fuse

$350.00 $150.00


This Kit comes with the following items:

  • 2 contactors
  • 1 bypass contactor
  • 1 bypass resistor
  • 1 fuse with fuse holder

These components were removed in a custom battery build that was never used. Contactors will have a pigtail plug for you to splice into your system. They will all come mounted to an aluminum plate that you can mount to the floor or sidewall of you project.

It includes all the items and model numbers listed in the table below.

Item Brand Model Number
Fuse Ferraz Shawmut A30QS250-4
Contactor X 2 Gigavac GV251BPB
Bypass Contactor Gigavac P195BDA
Bypass Resistor Vishay LPS300H 100R

Ferraz Shawmut Fuse: This fuse is a 250A fast acting fuse, it comes with fuse holders which isolates the fuse from ground and relieves stress form any components it could be wired to. Online Price: $130

Gigavac Contactor: This contactor is rated for 250A 1000V. This model includes auxiliary contacts for feedback of the contactor status. Contactor is rated for 1,000,000 cycles if properly activated with a bypass circuit. Online Price: $124

Gigavac Bypass Contactor and Vishay resistor: This bypass contactor and resistor is intended to be used to charge up the capacitors in the equipment you are powering. If you do not use the bypass resistor and contactor to charge up the capacitors first, it will result in an early failure of the Gigavac contactors and possibly a burnt out fuse. Online cost: Gigavac $101 Vishay $85

This kit alone consists of $564 worth of equipment, not counting the added value of the aluminum mounting tray and the shipping you would pay for each item.

Selling this kit at a steal for $300!

Additional information
Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 10 in


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