Orion 2 BMS 108 Cell Kit Fully Functional O2BMS108X



This is a fully functional BMS with a missing heat sink on top. I have been told that all the functions are present and working.

Orion BMS for 108 cells. Comes with the following items:

  • 2 contactors
  • 1 bypass contactor
  • 1 bypass resistor
  • 1 fuse with fuse holder
  • 1 current sensor
  • Low Voltage Harness
  • Cell Tap Harness
  • Temperature sensor harness with sensors glued into ring terminals
  • Heat exchanger

Shipping: Free Ground

Warranty: 3 months

The Orion Battery Management System (BMS) is a special system that helps manage and monitor the performance of batteries used in electric vehicles, boats, and other devices. It helps make sure that the battery is working properly and not being damaged. The Orion BMS also keeps track of important information about the battery, like how much energy it has left and how hot it is getting. This information can be used to make sure the battery is working well and to fix any problems that might come up. The Orion BMS is important because it helps make sure batteries are safe, last a long time, and work efficiently.

These components were removed in a custom battery build. This Orion BMS is currently
programmed to LG 18650 cells. We've confirmed that you are able to download,
change, and upload the program. You could also upload your own program into it.
It includes all the items and model numbers listed in the table below, as well as the high
voltage harness, low voltage harness, and temperature sensor harness. The
temperature sensors are glued into ring terminals.
We have over 100 of these BMS's. You will receive the following items.

Item Brand Model Number
BMS Orion BMS 2 O2BMS108X
Contactor X 2 Gigavac GV241MAB
Bypass Contactor Gigavac GL100ABANA
Bypass Resistor RARA ULH100N
Current Sensor Isabellenhuette IVT-S-500-U3-I-CAN2-12/
Heat Exchanger Lytron M05-100SB1

3/8" Tube OD, 2 Fan Mount, Liquid-To-Air Copper Tubed Process Equipment Heat
Exchanger MPN:M05-100SB1: This Heat Exchanger Water Cooler, can handle 2360
BTU/Hr, 400 Degrees Fahrenheit max. Its dimensions are 6.3" High x 12.95" Wide x
2.04" Deep.. Online Price: $832

Gigavac Contactor: This contactor is rated for 400A 800V. This model includes
auxiliary contacts for feedback of the contactor status. Contactor is rated for 1,000,000
cycles if properly activated with a bypass circuit. Online Price: $158

Gigavac Bypass Contactor and resistor: This bypass contactor and resistor is
intended to be used to charge up the capacitors in the equipment you are powering. If
you do not use the bypass resistor and contactor to charge up the capacitors first, it will
result in an early failure of the Gigavac contactors and possibly a burnt out fuse. Online
cost: Gigavac $79

Isabellenhuette USA Current Sensor: This current sensor is rated for 500A 1000V. It
has can bus capability with 2 can bus ports, and has 3 ports for voltage measurements.
Online Price: $368

This kit alone consists of $1437 worth of equipment, not counting the added value of the mounting tray, the shipping you would pay for each item, or the Orion BMS.


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