Panasonic LMO 3.7V 24Ah 1.8kWh Prismatic Cells


Selling block of 21 cells with bus bars. Can be rearranged into what ever order necessary. Battery came out of a 2015 C-Max Energi.
Total module rated at 1.9Kwh.
Tested at 24Ah from 4.2V to 3V.
These cells offer more flexibility for many different application such as Golf Cart, Off Grid Solar, Electrical Vehicle.

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Number of cells 21
Construction 21 in-series
Length 25"
Width 7 3/4"
Height 5 3/8"
Weight 42 lbs


Cathode material Lithium Ion Manganese Oxide, LiMn2O4
Anode material Hard Carbon
Average voltage 3.7VDC
Maximum Voltage 4.2VDC
Minimum Voltage 3VDC
Terminal Thread M5 0.8
Amp Hour 24 Ah
Peak Discharge 225A
Continuous Discharge 150A
Length 5 7/8inch (148mm)
Width 1 1/16 inch (27mm)
Height without terminals 3 9/16 inch (91 mm)
Height with terminals 4 7/16" (113mm)
Weight 1lb 8oz


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