Important things to know about replacing your Hybrid Battery. Fact or Fiction?

Important things to know about replacing your Hybrid Battery

Don’t believe the common myths of the past. Now replacing your hybrid battery is cost effective, quick and can be done in the convenience of your own driveway by a skilled technician.

Owning a Hybrid gives you so many benefits like unbeatable MPGs, reducing your carbon footprint and efficiency without sacrificing performance, but it does come with a small risk of hybrid battery failure. Don’t believe the common myths of the past, replacing your hybrid battery is no longer tens of thousands of dollars. The industry has come a long way in the Hybrid world, now replacing your hybrid battery is cost effective, quick and can be done in the convenience of your own driveway by a skilled technician. Not to mention the variety of options hybrid owners now have when selecting a new battery for their car.

The first few things to consider...

Have no fear, there are many options for you when your hybrid battery fails. The first thing to identify is what your plan is for the car? Is it a daily driver that you plan to keep for a long time or maybe it is a car you are hoping to sell soon? A large determining factor for your decision will be your budget. You’ll be looking to get the best quality hybrid battery for your price point, at Greentec Auto we offer 6 months interest-free financing to support you in the investment of a new hybrid battery. Other things to consider are the different types of warranties (be careful of the red tape that most companies vail their warranties in!), how long the company has been in business (will they still be around if you need them a year from now?), the training of their technicians (hybrid cars require specialized training to work on!) and the type of batteries the company offers (repairs, remanufactured, new cell, etc.). Also, understand who is performing the work on your vehicle, is it directly the hybrid battery company or a third party installer?

At Greentec Auto we have several types of hybrid batteries for nearly every make and model of hybrid and electric vehicles. We also cover more than 85% of the country with our mobile installation service, ship internationally and have a combined experience of well over 100 years with hybrids! Our highly trained technicians are the only ones to work on your hybrid, so we not only offer an unlimited mile warranty of the battery, but can guarantee our work on your hybrid.

Types of batteries available to you

Not all hybrid batteries available on the market are created equal. There will be different
grades of batteries available to you, each one offering a different level of performance and
reliability. While comparing companies it is also important to make sure you are comparing the same grade of battery to truly understand the different price points and warranties.

Remanufactured Hybrid Battery

Most companies will offer a remanufactured hybrid battery. This is a battery pack from
the same type of car as yours that has reconditioned cells in it. Now, a battery is only as good as it’s lowest performing cell, similar to a chain that is only as strong as its weakest link. While remanufacturing batteries it is important the company has the ability to test and measure each cell's capacity to match their ability and build a pack with similar cells. At Greentec we use a proprietary process called precision cell matching. Through this process we can guarantee a balanced and matched battery pack that will perform its best for your hybrid car!

High-capacity Remanufactured Battery

Not many companies offer hybrid batteries beyond a typical remanufactured battery, but
at Greentec we have two other options for our customers. The next grade would be a high-capacity remanufactured battery. This is made from the top tier of the reconditioned cells offering you even more performance and reliability from your battery. These cells come from the newest generations of hybrid cars offering you the most up to date technology for your hybrid.

New Cell Battery

The highest grade of battery Greentec Auto has to offer is a new cell battery. These are brand new, never used cells. With this grade you have the ability to restore your hybrid to new or better than new performance. Plus, it gives you 4 years of our unlimited mile warranty! It is an unbeatable option for your hybrid and will give you years of worry free driving.

Key Information

Hybrids are a complex type of car that requires an in depth knowledge of the systems and the battery. Not many general mechanics will be able to provide the quality service you will need to get your car back safely on the road. Make sure you find a professional within the hybrid industry, also consider if this professional has a brick and mortar location or only provides a mobile service? Greentec Auto currently has 20 locations nationwide that you are always welcome to come to and meet our hybrid experts! Avoid third party installers, it is incredibly difficult to verify the knowledge and experience of these installers, also the proper installation of a hybrid battery is critical to the success of the performance of your battery down the road. You do not want to be in a situation trying to track down the hybrid supplier and the third party installer in the event of a warranty claim or problem later on.

All in all, with today’s technology and advances in the hybrid industry, the hybrid car
owner now has many options in fixing their failed hybrid battery. The best advice we can give the leaders in hybrid battery replacement is to ask questions, understand the warranties offered and do your research. Greentec Auto is never far away if you need assistance or have questions, just give us a call or stop by!

About GreenTec Auto

GreenTec Auto is a family owned and operated business specializing in rebuilding hybrid batteries. Originally based in the Sacramento, California area since 2009, GreenTec Auto has expanded to 25+ shops around the United States. Combined with 35 years of general automotive experience, GreenTec Auto knows your hybrid vehicle from the end to end. For more information, visit

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