Nissan Leaf top selling EV

Nissan LEAF is the Top Selling Electric Car in Europe

Nissan LEAF is now the best-selling car overall in Norway following unprecedented sales success, and it’s the best-selling EV across Europe

PARIS – Sales of the award-winning, all-electric Nissan LEAF are surging throughout Europe as consumer appetite for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow. Norway has emerged as a standout market for the LEAF, with more car buyers opting for the EV over any other car on sale.

More than 12,000* LEAF models found homes in the country in 2018, with the nation's strong focus on sustainability cited for its sales success.

This success is mirrored locally as the Nissan LEAF continues to be the best-selling electric vehicle in the UK**. Owing to consistent high demand, the Nissan LEAF has taken the crown as the best-selling EV overall in Europe for 2018, with more than 40,000* sold across the continent.

To ensure LEAF remains the most competitive EV offering on the market, Nissan recently confirmed two new versions of the LEAF for Europe. The addition of the new Nissan LEAF e+ 3.ZERO Limited Edition, which is fitted with an uprated 62kWh battery, which brings enhanced performance and a range of up to 239 Miles*** from a single charge.

The new Nissan LEAF 3.ZERO equipped with a 40kWh battery brings to Europe's best-selling electric vehicle an 8-inch infotainment screen enabling additional connectivity services such as door-to-door navigation. An all-new and improved NissanConnect EV app will also be available when the new LEAF 3.ZERO goes on sale in Europe. In addition to new connected services, it also benefits from new color options, including a contrasting roof, enabling more scope for personalization, enhancing the appeal of Nissan EV ownership even further.

"This latest announcement marks the start of a very optimistic 2019 for our EV range," said Ken Ramirez, senior vice president, Sales and Marketing, Nissan Europe.  "The fact that the Nissan LEAF is still the default choice for EV buyers in Europe is a testament to its all-round capability as the icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility – especially with the ever-growing range of competitors."

*Nissan LEAFs sold in Europe up to end of December 2018
Total Nissan LEAF sales in Norway: 12,303 units
Total Nissan LEAF sales in Europe: 40,699 units
** Financial Year to Date - 1st April to 31st December 2018***Nissan forecast range for WLTP combined cycle protocol tests. Final homologated range data for LEAF e+ 3.ZERO Limited edition is expected later in 2019.


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