Delivery Terms & Conditions


Greentec Auto will provide shipping costs of your new battery to the location of your choosing. We will provide free shipping to a business. However, shipping to a residential location will be subject to a $200 fee. Honda batteries are exempt from this fee.

New batteries shipped directly to customers or their chosen mechanic will require a core deposit of $750. Select new batteries, limited to batteries for Lexus, Dodge, Cadillac, GMC, and Chevrolet automobiles, will require a $1000 core deposit.

You will be responsible for shipping your old battery (core) to a GreenTec location. Shipping costs for return freight to Greentec Auto will be deducted from the core deposit. All cores must reach a GreenTec location within 45 days in order to be eligible for a core deposit refund. Cores must reach a GreenTec location within 90 days maximum or the warranty on your new battery will be void.

You are welcome to ship using our carrier accounts, which are directly billed to Greentec Auto. Shipping costs will be $100 for all Honda cores and $150 for all other HV cores. You are eligible for a full core refund in two ways: (1) If you return your core to one of our local shops; or (2) If you provide the funds for shipment without using one of Greentec Auto’s carriers. If customers elect to ship without using Greentec Auto’s carriers, customers will need to email a copy of the receipt to However, cores should be shipped to Greentec Auto's locations on a pallet to avoid damage, and any damage due to improper shipping will be deducted from the core deposit.


Core Return

To return your battery core, simply repackage the core and follow the instructions provided to you in the shipping label package sent to you with your new battery. If you are in need of a new set of instructions, call Greentec Auto and our Sales Representative will get them sent to you either by fax or email.

Make sure that ALL parts are returned with the battery, including, but not limited to the ECU and other vital components of the battery. If parts are missing, a pre-determined amount will be deducted from your core refund.

For your convenience, shipping costs for return shipping is deducted from your core deposit. However, if you wish, you may purchase return shipping yourself. If you wish to keep your core, contact Greentec Auto. Your core deposit WILL NOT be returned to you if you decide to keep the core.

After receiving your core, Greentec Auto will refund the remaining balance of your core deposit back to the purchasing card. If you would like the refund returned in any other form of payment, let your sales representative know at the time of purchase.


Please note that, GreenTec Auto must receive your core within forty-five (45) days of you receiving your new battery for the core deposit to be refunded.

Return/ Refund Policy

Thank you for choosing Greentec Auto as your hybrid battery provider. We understand circumstances might arise where you may need to request a return/refund on your recently purchased product. Below you will find the terms of our Return and Refund policy.

In all cases of return and refund, the product(s) returned, will be returned in their original packaging. The customer is responsible for the care and packaging of the return item, any damage or missing parts will be deducted from any core/security deposit. Any catastrophic (where the product is not usable in the remanufacture process) damage to the product will result in no refund being issued.

Return of Defective Products– Defective products or products that prematurely fail are covered under Greentec Auto’s Warranty and do not qualify for return/refund.

Refunds of Unshipped Products – If your battery fails to ship within 30 calendar days of your order, you are eligible for a full refund, including any and all deposits. However, delays caused by customer initiation such as but not limited to, failure to respond to scheduling, changing of scheduling, or providing improper or inaccurate information to Greentec, as well as delays caused by natural disaster, declared states of emergency, or any other cause that is beyond Greentec Auto’s reasonable control, will not be eligible for a full refund.

Refunds of Shipped Products – In all cases of a product being returned after shipment, a 20% restocking fee as well as any and all shipping charges incurred by Greentec Auto will be applied to the balance of the order and will be deducted from your core/security deposit.

Refunds of Installed Products- In cases where Greentec Auto has performed the installation of the part or battery and a return is warranted, the customer will pay the 20% restocking fee, as well as the customary charges for the mobile service to remove the returned battery. Any fees charged for the initial installation will not be waived.


To begin a Return or Refund, the customer will contact or Toll Free 800-773-6614 and speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives. Please have your invoice available at this time, so that a CSR may better serve you.

The CSR will then initiate the Return/ refund and will provide you with either shipping information, or assist you in scheduling the removal of the Greentec Auto product.
Any charges incurred by Greentec Auto on processing a return/ refund will be solely the customer’s responsibility, and any costs will be deducted from any security or core deposits.