How to Change a Battery in a Prius

Replacing Prius hybrid battery is simple. Watch our 'How to Change a Battery in a Prius' video showing detailed instructions on how to remove and how to replace Prius Hybrid battery . Installing hybrid auto battery DIY project. Learn how to replace Prius hybrid battery in your hybrid car with our step by step video tutorial by Greentec Auto.

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GET A MOBILE INSTALL. GreenTec Auto specializes in hybrid batteries and provides its customers with highly trained technicians. Not only do we guarantee your new hybrid battery will be properly installed, we offer several other benefits for your convenience! Our hybrid car technicians will perform the battery installation around your schedule and even right in your own driveway! Our company will put your mind at ease, ensuring that your hybrid battery is properly installed. GreenTec Auto is your one stop shop for installing hybrid auto battery and all of your hybrid car needs!

GreenTec's Mobile Installation service is now covering more than 75% of the US. Find out if we cover your location and detailed information on our Mobile HV Battery Installation service:


Our technicians will come to your location and replace a hybrid battery in your driveway!
CALL NOW 800-773-6614 and we will help you find an installer.

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