Honda Insight 2000-2006 Hybrid Battery Pack with NEW 8.0 AMP HOUR CELLS, 36 months warranty

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With return of your old battery. Purchase 2000-2006 Honda Insight hybrid battery replacement with 3-years Unlimited Mileage Warranty + FREE Shipping

Boost the POWER & PERFORMANCE:  Upgrade with NEW 8.0 AMP HOUR CELLS

Unlimited Mileage Warranty: 36 Months

  • NEW High-Performance 8.0 Amp Hour Cells with greater capacity for exceptional performance
  • Precision cell matching using the very latest technology
  • Engineered with premium upgraded components
  • Ready-to-install – no programming required
  • Inspected and rigorously tested by expert Greentec Auto technicians ensuring the highest quality longest lasting battery

Warranty:   Honda Insight 2000-2006 Hybrid Battery pack with NEW 8.0 AMP HOUR Cells for 36 (thirty-six) months, unlimited mileage, and the original service purchased.
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Shipping:  The cost of shipping to you is included with your purchase. This offer is good for the entire continental United States. Let Greentec Auto make it simple to return your core to us, ask about our reduced return shipping rates.

Core Charge:  A refundable “core deposit” of $750.00 will be added to your order at checkout. Once we receive your old battery, we will refund the core deposit back to you minus the cost of return shipping. Cores must be returned within 45 days of purchase.  This applies to shipping orders only.  In all other circumstances, the core will be picked up at the time of service, no deposit required.

How do I return my old hybrid battery?  Once your new hybrid battery has arrived, put the core battery back into the same packaging your battery arrived in.  As soon as we receive your core battery, we will refund the core deposit back to you.  It’s that easy.

In-Shop Installation:  Visit one of our many locations across the country and have one of our highly trained technicians ensure your new hybrid battery is installed properly. 

Mobile Installation:  The ultimate convenience for you!  Let one of our extensively trained technicians come to your location and install your new hybrid battery!

9 reviews for Honda Insight 2000-2006 Hybrid Battery Pack with NEW 8.0 AMP HOUR CELLS, 36 months warranty

  1. Stanley Kelley (verified owner)

    Seemed essentially perfect until I got run over by a motorcycle. 54+ mpg. We’ll what happens in the replacement vehicle. Good company to deal with

  2. Ryan Fulcher (verified owner)

    I’ve been wanting to tackle a 2000-2006 Insight conversion into a PHEV for years, and still have my original high mileage car to Eventually do that with. Picked up a second low mileage 2000 Insight for commuting while waiting for my CyberTruck. Began to get battery recalibration events in the second insight after about a year but just kept driving it till the winter prevented idle stop per low temperatures anyway, but didn’t want to wreck my lifetime mileage as it warmed up. So in the spring about a year ago got the 8Ah new cell replacement pack. Kept the core for $500 for DIY refurbishment or use on my lawn mower and other experimentation. The replacement pack has been working as expected like a champ for about a year now. Wasn’t sure what to expect from the 8.0Ah versus the original 6.5Ah and it turns out to behave approximately the same except that I can never quite get it to show as empty in the SoC gauge, but it does still limit assist power as it approaches empty. GreenTecAuto was great through the whole process, really glad they offer these replacement IMA Batteries. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them if your Hybrid battery is wearing out and needs some TLC.

  3. Randy Lors

    First of all I own a first generation Honda insight. I purchased the 8.0 amp hour brand new battery from Green tech Auto about a year-and-a-half ago. Since that time I have driven my Honda insight 35000 miles roughly. I have had no problems with the battery and I’m pleased with it for the price that I paid. I did call their service technician out one time when I had a minor issue that needed to be looked at and they immediately came out from their Chicago office and check the vehicle out for no charge. Honestly, if they would have given me a hard time about that I would not be writing them a positive review at this time but they had a great attitude and sent a very nice young man out to verify that everything was correct with the battery. I like the company and I think for the price they charge on their batteries, as well, as the good support I received I would not hesitate to give them my business again. Thank you..

  4. Catl Stude III (verified owner)

    Superb service. Dropped my old unit and exchanged for the upgraded capacity module with all new cells. 15 minute turnaround at the GreenTec shop. Installed the rebuilt battery that evening so my Insight is now good as new at 52-53 mpg!

  5. Keenan (verified owner)

    Very easy process to get battery ordered and installed. They came to my work, installed the battery and everything was ready far before I needed to go home for the day.

  6. Jim Hefner (verified owner)

    My 2005 Insight CVT is happy again after installing the new 8AH cell battery. After 3 months all is well. Greentec is a good company and is very responsive to customer needs before and after the sale. I highly recommend batteries from Greentec.

  7. Mike Strawhun (verified owner)

    I am supremely happy with our new hybrid battery pack. The removal and replacement was by the book/video and was complete in under two hours. I admit to having vehicle repair skills, that helps, but ability to follow directions will get you through.
    The outcome has been flawless. Our 2000 Insight runs better than when new. I recommend getting the new amp hours version. It makes a difference in performance as well as longevity.
    It was delivered to our door. Afterwards, I drove the old pack back to the nearest facility (in the Insight) no hassle, and received the core charge back in two days. You can mail it for cost of shipping as well.
    No downside. All employees were stellar. Everything was as advertised. We are extremely happy to have our Insight back on the road and entirely reliable. Highly recommend this option if your Insight battery is no longer able to charge all the cells and you find yourself running on motor much of the time.

  8. Jim Hefner (verified owner)

    Greentec is a very customer friendly and focused small company. I ordered the battery on a Saturday, they shipped it on Monday, I installed the battery on Wed evening, shipped the core return back to them on Thursday, they received it on Monday and the core refund was credited to my credit card on Tues. It doesn’t get much better than that!! I am a very satisfied customer and my 05 Insight CVT is running great again, after nursing the old battery along for a couple years by grid charging/discharging. I’m getting 64 mpg so far after one fill-up and this is summer in Tucson, where climate control is needed most of the time. It will likely do a little better in cooler months. Thanks Greentec!!

  9. Brian Moseley (verified owner)

    Brad Poland NEVER responded to my emails about the order invoice’s non-disclosure of the $100.00 Honda core return shipping charge that was NOT shown on the order invoice. This was clearly not the actual return shipping cost and Greentec refused to disclose the FedEx shipping invoice that shows the actual shipping cost for using Greentec’s pre-printed return shipping label.

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