Honda Insight 2000-2006 Hybrid Battery Pack Remanufactured, 12 months warranty

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With return of your old battery. Purchase Honda Insight hybrid battery replacement with 18-month Unlimited Mileage Warranty + FREE Shipping

Unlimited Mileage Warranty: 12 Months

  • High-Performance Hybrid Battery Cells with greater capacity for exceptional performance
  • Precision cell matching using the very latest technology
  • Engineered with premium upgraded components
  • Ready-to-install – no programming required
  • Inspected and rigorously tested by expert Greentec Auto technicians ensuring the highest quality longest lasting hybrid battery

Warranty:  2000-2006 Honda Insight Hybrid Battery pack with High-Capacity Cells for 12 (twelve) months, unlimited mileage, and the original service purchased.
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Shipping:  The cost of shipping to you is included with your purchase. This offer is good for the entire continental United States.  Let Greentec Auto make it simple to return your core to us, ask about our reduced return shipping rates.

Core Charge:  A refundable "core deposit" of $500.00 will be added to your order at checkout. Once we receive your old battery, we will refund the core deposit back to you minus the cost of return shipping. Cores must be returned within 45 days of purchase.  This applies to shipping orders only.  In all other circumstances, the core will be picked up at the time of service, no deposit required.

How do I return my old hybrid battery?  Once your new Honda Insight Battery Replacement has arrived, put the core battery back into the same packaging your battery arrived in.  As soon as we receive your core battery, we will refund the core deposit back to you.  It’s that easy.

In-Shop Installation:  Visit one of our many locations across the country and have one of our highly trained technicians ensure your new hybrid battery is installed properly. 

Mobile Installation:  The ultimate convenience for you!  Let one of our extensively trained technicians come to your location and install your new hybrid battery!

4 reviews for Honda Insight 2000-2006 Hybrid Battery Pack Remanufactured, 12 months warranty

  1. Jordan Steed (verified owner)

    Everyone at GREENTEC were very knowledgeable, friendly and remarkably fast, efficient, and caring to all of my vehicles concern and needs and addressed and explained the battery changing process and any concerns even beyond my hybrid battery needs; for my knowledge and awareness of the state and condition of my vehicle, as well as anything they observe or realize that was important throughout the process possibly involving my battery and important components as my battery inverter as well and how that may effect battery performance and efficiency.

    They go straight by the automotive manual of your vehicles manufacturer in all that they do as they are experienced with the process and needs of your specific vehicle just as they were with my hybrid.

    GREENTEC was extremely diligent during installation to follow each step in proper sequence of my specific hybrid battery and vehicle; as not all manufacturer and vehicle makes and hybrid battery types are the same nor are their processes.

    GREENTEC is very deliberate to follow the steps in taking out the old and placing in the new hybrid battery for your vehicle .

    They are very fast in service and thourough in examination of the work done before, during, and after all is complete checking each step through the entire service so that you and your vehicle are safe to drive off in your hybrid vehicle with your new hybrid battery installed correctly so that no error lights or codes in relation to your new hybrid battery come upon or before leaving with your new battery.

    GREENTEC is a great company to go with for all your hybrid battery and vehicle needs as it is so well connected throughout the entire US that wherever you go a Greentec provider will be more accessible than just about any other hybrid battery and service provider with the most knowledgeable and experienced staff.

    GREENTEC IS THE ONLY: provider available nationwide throughout the entire US.

    Again I feel it is important to say especially in my and others experiences just how outstanding and friendly the staff is at GREENTEC and also just as if even more importantly that they often have the best price, quality, attention for all of your hybrid needs as well as any further insight to hybrid battery and vehicle needs and concerns. They are very accomadating understanding and flexible with your schedule and any changes you might need or make due to any circumstances; and they are also very quick to check and inform you of your battery shipment and availability as well; on their side as well, always keeping you informed throughout the entire process; as well as any and all paperwork, which is made digitally available and sent almost immediately so everything is clear and understood for any matter and/or delays that may be had if a new battery is ordered just for you, and any throughout your entire hybrid battery and vehicle service experience with GREENTEC.

    Again, GREENTEC Hybrid and EV Batteries is the best priced and most complete, thorough, and streamlined hybrid battery service and I dont think it can be emphasized enough or more importantly that:

    GREENTEC IS THE ONLY: Hybrid and EV battery vehicle and service provider with locations all throughout the entire US.

    They really are the best choice if you want your vehicle to be at its best and most efficient level just like it was when new. ???? Go with them first like I did, you’ll be very happy with the results. Its like having a brand new car again.

  2. Mark Groves (verified owner)

    Ordered online was delivered quick and easy, Installation was easy. Was worth ever penny

  3. Stacy (verified owner)

    I ordered online. Got a call from GREENTEC to confirm VIN and replacement was correct for my 2000 manual. 207,540 mi avg 57 mpg lifetime. Battery shipped quickly. I installed and reset BCM it is working perfect. I returned my old core, I did gusset to box for return. Beautiful packing and prompt refund. I am most pleased with GREENTEC. With the product, with customer support. Well done you!!

  4. Dan H. (verified owner)

    My 2002 insight with 278000 miles finally needed a new IMA battery. I was averaging 57 mpg. I decided to use green tech auto because they got location in Kansas City and they install. Immediately after the install I went from 57 mpg to 53. My IMA light came back on and the hybrid stuff quit working. I contacted Greentec, they installed another new IMA battery hassle free, and no cost. Now I am back up to 57 mpg. I would give them 5 stars but the fellow that did the install did a poor job putting my car back together, the carpet wasn’t tucked back behind the trim and a metal piece was bent enough to distort my flat trunk space, but I didn’t say anything to them, I am sure they would have made it right. I just didn’t want to drive the hour and a half back to get it fixed. I am very happy that they honored the warranty.

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Honda Insight 2000 - 2006
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