Nissan Leaf Battery Pack 2013 - 2015

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With return of your old battery

All Nissan Leaf battery packs include modules that are individually tested at or above industry standards to ensure capacity matched and balanced packs. We only use Genuine Nissan Leaf Modules in our packs, these are not kits from overseas. Every battery that we sell is road tested prior to sale and installation to ensure component functionality and maximum performance.

Unlimited Mileage Warranty: 24 - 36 Months


24 kWh Remanufactured Battery

  • Re-built with ≥ 70% SoH battery modules.
  • 55-65 Mile range with 3.5 Miles/kWh energy economy (Range dependent on driving style)
  • SoH bars will not be reset. Can be as low as 8 bars.
  • 24 Months workmanship warranty, unlimited mileage
  • 6 month/11,000 mile range warranty no less than 8 bars*

40 kWh Remanufactured Battery

  • Re-built with ≥ 85% SoH battery modules.
  • 100-130 Mile range with 3.5 Miles/kWh energy economy (Range dependent on driving style)
  • Can Bridge for range correction installed, side effects described below
  • Will be reset to full 12 bars capacity, we anticipate 1-2 bars to diminish quickly
  • 36 month workmanship warranty, unlimited mileage
  • 12 month/20,000 miles range warranty, no more than 3 bar loss*

62 kWh Remanufactured Battery

  • LeafSpy report with Ahr, SoH, Hx, Mileage, QC's and L1's/L2's visible.
  • 200-240 Mile range with 3.5 Miles/kWh energy economy  (Range dependent on driving style)
  • Price Based on remaining SoH
  • Can Bridge and spacers installed for compatibility
  • Rear springs and splash guards installation included
  • 36 month workmanship warranty, unlimited mileage
  • 18 month/40,000 miles range warranty no more than 3 bar loss*

Warranty: 24-36 months, unlimited mileage and the original service purchased for Nissan Leaf battery replacement.

Gen 2 Leaf:  24 - 36 Month Battery Failure Warranty Description:

* Battery capacity will not be warrantied if more than one QC (DC Quick Charge) per month of elapsed warranty is performed. QC is known to degrade the battery and we cannot guarantee any range if the QC is abused.

 Gen 2 CAN Bridge side effects:
  • Charge indicator on the screen might have one bar missing after a full charge.
  • During charge, 3 blue indicating lights won't progress to full, only one light blinking the whole time.
  • While on charge, mileage on screen will not update if you turn the ignition on. To see how much range has been added, you need to unplug the charger and then turn the car on.
  • Motor Power is Limited (Turtle Light) might turn on as the range gets below 30 miles or if the battery is getting hot.
  • The CAN Bridge recalculates range each time the car is shut off, don't be alarmed if there is a difference in range from when you parked the car and restarted it a few minutes later.
  • Range indicator will start off high and get more accurate as it decreases. 
LeafSpy Abbreviation Guide:

SoH: State of Health, Remaining capacity in the battery in percentage of original value

Ahr: Amp Hour, remaining capacity in the battery.

Hx: Internal resistance, 100% is original new battery, value decreases as battery gets worse

QC: Quick charge, DC fast charge that is known to overheat and damage the battery

L1: 120V charger, regular home outlet that comes with the car.

L2: 240V charger, Installed home charger or public chargers like Chargepoint.

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In-Shop Installation: Visit one of our many locations across the country and have one of our highly trained technicians ensure your new battery is installed properly.

Mobile Installation: mobile installations are not available for that particular product.  In-shop battery installation service available at any of our locations.

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  1. Jesus Montellano

    I’m in AZ and got the 24kWh battery installed on my 2013 Nissan Leaf. I’m so grateful that Greentec is around because it’s rare to find an auto shop that will work on EVs. My leaf was at 3 bars (2 green + 1 red) with a range of ~20-25 miles and now I get +65 miles on this replacement battery pack. I’m satisfied for now and glad to know that Greentec has options if I want to upgrade to a larger battery.

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