48V 63Ah BMW i3 Li-ion Battery Module

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Salvaged BMW i3 battery made with Samsung SDI cells, each with 63Ah capacity.
Each module contains 12 cells in series.

Module is 2700Wh (2.7kWh)

Terminal output designed to plug into module next to it. Wire sticking out is positive terminal. Will need to be cut and clipped into negative terminal for use. Both ends of wire will need to get a ring terminal crimped on for use. Service not yet offered.

4 mounting ears on base, hole diameter is 5/16 in.

Repurposed EV Battery Use: Whether you want to do off grid solar, Golf cart conversions, EV build, electric conversion car, ATV, Motorcycle, Bicycle, RV solar, and anything else that needs a battery these BMW i3 Li-Ion Battery packs will put out a lot of power and long cycle life. Tired of Lead Acid and AGM battery not performing? These repurposed EV battery Lithium Ion battery packs with 2.7kWh of power will put them to shame.

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Module Voltage Limits
Max Voltage: 49.2V
Nominal Voltage: 44.4V
Min Voltage: 32.4V
Peak Current: 350A


Number of cells 12
Construction 12 in-series
Length/Total Length 14.25"/16.125"
Width 12.25″
Height 6"
Weight 54 lbs
Output terminal Custom
Amp Hour 63 Ah
Total Voltage 48V


Cell Type Laminate type
Cathode material LiMn2O4 with LiNiO2
Anode material Graphite
Rated capacity (0.3C)/td> 63 Ah
Average voltage 3.7VDC
Maximum Voltage 4.1VDC
Minimum Voltage 2.7VDC
Output terminal Custom
Amp Hour 63 Ah
Total Voltage 48V

1 review for 48V 63Ah BMW i3 Li-ion Battery Module

  1. Jeff Kennedy (verified owner)

    Excellent service – quick to respond to questions. I got the battery and seems in good order but have not charged or discard it yet

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