A123 26s3p(72V) pouch battery modules - BRAND NEW!

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These A123 batteries were part of a conversion that fell through. We have several hundred of these modules that are now available for dirt cheap! These are brand new modules that have never been used in any application.

Price per kWh: $65/kWh

Years: 2022

Shipping: Freight

Warranty: 6 Months, Extendable


More information:

You can make a higher voltage battery, these modules are rated up to 400V. You can also parallel these modules together for more capacity. Each module has a BMS attached to it, but unless you know how to talk to the BMS and tell it to turn on, it is not functioning.

We have some data on the CAN communication we can share if you request it, but we are not sure if it is the same for these modules. Please email for this data.

If you plan on installing your own BMS, it will be quite easy to access the BMS wiring once you take the top and side covers off. You can cut and splice one wire at a time from the plug that leads to the BMS. Alternatively, there is an off the shelf MCU that works with the built in BMS that can be found here.

Shipping will need to be freight due to the module size. We can ship this module to one of our locations for no more than $250, or ship to a commercial address or freight hub near you for $350. Residential freight delivery is possible for an additional charge, contact us for a quote.

Configuration Cells in Series V Max V Nom V Min kWh Weight lb
3.6 3.3 2.5
1 Module 26 93.6 85.8 65 5.05 101
2 Modules 52 187.2 171.6 130 10.1 202
3 Modules 78 280.8 257.4 195 15.15 303
4 Modules 104 374.4 343.2 260 20.2 404
5 Modules 130 468 429 325 25.25 505

Peak Discharge Current: 1000A

Nominal Discharge Current: 600A

Peak Charge current: 300A

26S3p Configuration

Length: 26 1/2 inches

Width: 6 5/8 inches

Height: 9 3/4 inches

Weight: 101lb

Additional information

1 Module A123 – 12s3p(36V), 1 Module A123 – 26s3p(72V), Pallet of 8 Modules A123 – 12s3p(36V), Pallet of 8 Modules A123 – 26s3p(72V)

2 reviews for A123 26s3p(72V) pouch battery modules - BRAND NEW!

  1. Joe (verified owner)

    Batteries arrived very well packed and undamaged. I have not had time to dig into the built in BMS to see if I can make some kind of converter to make it talk to my system, but I hit the batteries with a voltmeter and I was happy.

  2. Andrey B (verified owner)

    I purchased one of these batteries to see if it would work as a golf cart battery. By the time it was delivered and I was able to take it apart and inspect it, they were all sold out. That’s because these batteries are brand new and at a very affordable price. After taking it apart here’s what I found out. All cells are laser welded together and each cell has a balance lead already connected to it. It is very easy to install your own BMS system, just follow each wire back to its cell. The only down side is because the cells are laser welded and not bolted together it would be hard to take it all apart for a custom battery pack. But if you need a 12s or 24s or 26s or anything of those combinations, you’re set.

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