LG NMC 48V 107Ah 4.6kWh Proterra Battery Module

$400.00 $370.00

These modules were removed from a Proterra battery pack, there was nothing wrong with it, it was used for evaluation purposes. These are made with LG cells. We tested the modules and got 107Ah!

Price per kWh: $86.96/kWh $80.40/kWh

Years: 2021-2023

Shipping: $45

Warranty: 6 Months, Extendable

These modules are 12s24p. 6S on both sides. It is possible to run this as two independent 6S batteries. The LG cells are glued down to the center aluminum coolant plate, we tried to remove them but the glue is holding them really well.

We were unable to identify the specific type of cell due to the way the module is built, we would need to destroy the module to find out. We did confirm that it is made up of 2170 cells, and based on the capacity tests, they are 5Ah each.

The upper and lower holes on the first picture are coolant ports. It is possible to thread those holes and screw in thread to barb fittings to set up battery cooling for yourself.

There is a BMS that monitors the cells, but unless you know how to communicate with it, it is not functional. The voltages lead into the BMS through a ribbon cable and a plug on the end of it. The connector looks very similar to the JXT 7 pin connector, but the ridges are on the opposite side and would need to be cut to fit. The last three pictures are of the BMS connectors. There are no markings on the connecter to identify the type, but if you find some that are similar, let us know and we can buy them to check. Both sides have an identical plug.

Last picture is the bottom of the module. That rests on a flat surface pretty solid without any wobble. Picture 1 and 2 show where you can mount the module from the sides. Picture 5 shows two mounting points on top of the module. Plenty of mounting opportunities for this module.


Nominal Module Energy: 4.6kWh

Nominal Cell Capacity: 107.5Ah

Full Module Voltage info

Max Module Voltage: 49.2V

Nominal Module Voltage: 43.2V

Min Module Voltage: 36V

Half Module Voltage info

Max Voltage: 24.6V

Nominal Voltage: 21.6V

Min Voltage: 18V

Max Cell Voltage: 4.1V

Nominal Cell Voltage: 3.6V

Min Cell Voltage: 3V


Total Length: 23 inches

Width: 6.25 inches

Height: 6.25 inches

Weight: 55.6 lb

Peak Discharge Current: 1000A

Nominal Discharge Current: 450A


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