Renault Zoe NMC 24V 73Ah 2.16kWh 8S Battery Module



Price per kWh: $78/kWh

Years: 2013-2014

Shipping: Free Ground

Warranty: 3 Months, Extendable

These LG modules look like and are built like Kia Optima Modules, and resemble Chrysler Pacifica modules in size. They are air cooled from bottom to top, or vise versa. These modules were removed from the Renault Zoe, the European version of the Nissan Leaf. They are testing above the original capacity at 73Ah, which is very surprising. The white plug on the back is the voltage output pins, the harness will be included with your purchase. Mounting these modules is easy enough, there are 4 through holes in the module that you would drop long bolts into and they come out the other side. There are hidden fuses in the module that could blow if there is a short in the BMS voltage leads, they are replaceable. We found a very detailed breakdown video that goes into better detail of this module that is well worth the watch, module information starts around the 3 minute mark. 


Nominal Module Energy: 2.16kWh

Nominal Cell Capacity: 36 Ah

Nominal Module Capacity: 72 Ah

Module Configuration: 2p8s

Max Module Voltage: 33.6V

Nominal Module Voltage: 29.6V

Min Module Voltage: 24V

Max Cell Voltage: 4.2V

Nominal Cell Voltage: 3.7V

Min Cell Voltage: 3V

Length: 16"

Width:  8"

Height:  5 1/2"

Weight:  36.15 lbs.

Peak Discharge Current: 275A

Nominal Discharge Current:  100A

Peak Charge Current: 30A


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