Samsung SDI NMC 24V 67Ah 2.02kWh Brand New 8S Battery Module

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Almost new 24V modules that are perfect for solar storage systems. Easy to series together and wire a BMS.

Price per kWh: 59/kWh!

Year: 2021

Shipping: Free Ground

Warranty: 6 Months, Extendable

Product Specifications:

8 cells in series in each module.

Gray and Black modules are identical but mirrored. Gray modules have the positive on the Left, Black modules have positive on the Right. If you plan on running batteries in series side by side, you would need matching colors. By default we will ship all identical position, if you would like to specify which modules or a mix of the two please contact us.

These modules were used in their solar storage application for a total of 3 months before being removed and traded for a larger system. There is a sticker on the module behind the BMS that indicates the date of manufacture as 2021.11.09. We have capacity tested several modules and found them to be above the rated 67Ah, some as high as 69Ah. They have a BMS attached to them, but unless you have the commands to turn it on, it will be non functional. The connector to the BMS looks like the JXT connector, but there are two negative and two positive wires, so it will not be a direct plug and play. Removing the extra pins would be pretty easy. You can also remove this harness completely and install your own. Each contact point has a spade connector, removing the harness for modification would be extremely easy. Each spade connector and battery terminal is labeled for easy reinstallation of the voltage sense harness.

There are no mounting holes on this module, so you will have to strap the module down in some fashion.

Spade connector for contact points:

Nominal Module Energy: 2.04 kWh

Nominal Cell Capacity: 67Ah

Max Module Voltage: 33.6V

Nominal Module Voltage: 30.4V

Min Module Voltage: 24V


Max Cell Voltage: 4.2V

Nominal Cell Voltage: 3.8V

Min Cell Voltage: 3V

Length: 15.9 inches

Width: 8.5 inches

Height:  6.5 inches

Weight: 36lb


Peak Discharge Current: 650A 2 seconds

Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 450A

Recommended Charge current: 22.3A

Additional information
Module Options:

All Black, All Gray, 50/50

2 reviews for Samsung SDI NMC 24V 67Ah 2.02kWh Brand New 8S Battery Module

  1. Herb Davis (verified owner)

    Battery is great so far. I ordered another one May 8.

    Have to request shipping and tracking info. Really would like to know where & when.

  2. Kevin

    Great batteries. I bought one initially for a solar setup and decided to get another one. The BMS on these still work but it’s a proprietary one so you won’t be able to re-program it.

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