U1-24RT Valence LFP 24V 20Ah 512Wh Battery with BMS



A beginner friendly 24V battery with over voltage, under voltage, temperature, and overcurrent protection built in. Easy to series together for higher voltage applications.

Price per kWh: $160/kWh

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Warranty: 6 Months, Extendable

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These batteries were removed from Medical Carts at the end of their service life. All bad(red blinking, or low voltage) modules are recycled. Only green blinking modules are retained for Refurbishment. All acceptable modules are capacity tested and charged to keep the voltage from dropping too low during storage. These modules have the Valance warranty sticker over the BMS cover intact, none of them are opened or reset.

Lithium Werks provides safe, reliable and mobile energy solutions for energy storage and transportation. The U1-24RT is a high-performance, 24 volt battery, built on a patented Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry platform providing over 20 Ah.

Usability Details

The battery includes charging and discharging protection, MOSFETs inside will cut-off the power if more then 30A is applied for longer than 30 seconds. It will also disconnect the battery if it is being overcharged, and will not power a load if it is being over discharged. Separately controlled MOSFETs will only prevent one or the other at a time, so you can still charge it is it is too low, but you will not be able to discharge it, and vise versa. Charge will disconnect if any cell reaches 3.9V, and reconnect when the voltage drops to 3.7V. Discharge will disconnect when any cell reaches 2.45V, but it will still charge. This battery is a ready to go solution for any application with a continuous load of under 30 A.

LED indicator guide

  • Green Quick (0.5s): Idle, all good.
  • Green Long (1s): Charging or discharging, all good.
  • Yellow(looks like red and green): Charge level less than %20SoC recharge immediately, or battery is near thermal limit and is close to overheating.
  • Red: Low Charge level or issue with the battery or BMS. See Low Voltage Recharge instructions.
  • No Light: Battery charge depleted to %0 and BMS shut off. See Low Voltage Recharge instructions.

Low Voltage Recharge instructions:

You will need a power supply with adjustable voltage and current in order to properly recharge the battery. Other charges may work, but it is no guarantee because the battery BMS will fight it. It is not recommended to hook up a charged 24V battery to the battery terminals, it will cause the BMS to shut off from an overcurrent fault and will diminish the life of the batteries significantly if charged with a lot of current while at a low charge level. Apply a charge of around 2A at 28V. The BMS will flash RED/GREEN for a few seconds and begin to allow a small charge of current through. After the cells reach a voltage above 2.7V, the charge limit will be removed and light turns green.  Allow the voltage to rise to 22V before increasing the current. If it does not begin charging after 1 min of the power supply being hooked up, it might have a cell or BMS issue.

BMS will automatically balance the cells within one module during the top of the charge. Will not balance between modules when hooked up in series, only in parallel. If wiring these modules in series, please see the balancer we have listed to keep your batteries balanced. You would need the 24V version, one for every module you have in series. Unfortunately, we do not have the 24V version at the moment.


Voltage (nominal) 25.6 V
Capacity @ C/5, 23 °C 23 Ah
Energy 588 Wh
Discharge Cont./Peak (30 sec) 30 A / 60 A
Discharge Cutoff Voltage 20 V
Recommended Charge Voltage 29.2 A
Charge Float Voltage Range 27.6 - 29.2 V


Discharge Temperature -10 °C to 50 °C
Charge Temperature 0 °C to 45 °C
Self Discharge @ 25 °C < 2% per month
Terminal Hardware M6 x 1.0
Terminal Torque 12.4 Nm 110 in-lbs
Plastic Case Flame Retardant
IP Rating IP56


• Thousands of cycles, 80% DOD
• Create systems 24 - 48 V
• Series connection up to two batteries(48 V)
• Automatic cell monitoring & balancing
• Temperature monitoring of cells
• Rugged mechanical design
• built in overcharge, over-discharge and short circuit conditions
• Maintenance-free
• safety profile of lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry


Height: 183 mm 7.20”
Width: 131 mm 5.16”
Length: 197 mm 7.76”
Weight: 6.4 kg 14.1 lbs

Shipping: Free - the cost of shipping to you is included with your purchase.


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