VW ID4 24V 233Ah 6.8kWh 8S Battery Module

Original price was: $750.00.Current price is: $500.00.


A powerful and easy to stack battery module fit for EVs. All voltages are good and none of the internal fuses are blown. Will come with the voltage sensing harness.

Price per kWh: 73/kWh!
Years: 2022-2024
Shipping: Freight
Warranty: 12 Months, Extendable

These modules are made by LG Chem.

A powerful battery that is easy to handle and easier to mount. The ID4 module makes for an ideal EV battery for more than one reason. The Aluminum shell provides protection to the pouch cells. The thermal properties of the case make it easy to whisk away heat from the module as well. The ID4 battery module had thermal pads on the bottom of the module and was bolted to a cooling plate. Depending on your application, cooling might not be necessary, but if it is, this is one of the easier modules to cool. BMS output and main battery terminals are on the same side, so its easy to wire together multiple batteries for any voltage of application.

This battery will be shipped with the voltage harness so you can wire in a BMS easier. Each cell tap has a fuse inside the battery. Be careful not to short out any wires and double check all wiring prior to installing the BMS wires. A burned fuse will not be warrantied due to negligence. All modules have their fuses checked when we receive them and before we ship them to ensure you receive a good module.

Shipping will need to be freight due to the module size. We can ship this module to one of our locations for no more than $150, or ship to a commercial address or freight hub near you for $250. Residential freight delivery is possible for an additional charge, contact us for a quote.

Module Voltage range
Max: 33.6V
Nominal: 29.6V
Min: 25.6V
Cell Voltage range
Max: 4.2V
Nominal: 3.7V
Min: 3.2V
Module Size
Length: 23 1/4 inches
Width: 9 inches
Height: 4 1/4 inches
Weight: 70lb


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