Chrysler Pacifica LG Chem Lithium Ion Battery Module

$700.00 $600.00

Each module boasts an impressive 2.6kWh in a 16s configuration. A continuous current rating of 200-400 amps, with a maximum discharge of 800 amps. The bottom of the module has aluminum cooling fins that were attached to cooling plates. We currently do not have the voltage sensing harness, and are working on finding a solution.

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Shipping: free

Warranty: 3 Months

Introducing the LG Chem Lithium Ion Battery - 60.8V, 2.6kWh - Pacifica Module for an incredible price of $600, including free shipping and a three-month warranty. Choose from customizable configurations like 2p6s for 32kWh or 1p6s for an additional 16kWh per group, tailoring energy solutions to your precise needs. These modules go well for any EV application, easy to assemble into larger battery packs for more range or higher voltage.


Capacity 2.6 kWh
Height 14.25 inches
Width 8.00 inches
Length 6.25 inches
Weight 38.00 pounds
Bolt Size M6
Voltage nominal 3.8V/Cell, 60.8V/Module
Charge voltage cut-off 4.2V/Cell, 67.2V/Module
Discharging cut-off 3.3V/Cell, 52.8V/Module
Max Discharging Current (10 sec.) 800 Amps
Warranty 3 Months

Shipping: Free - the cost of shipping to you is included with your purchase.

Warranty: 3 Months


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