G1 Nissan Leaf NMO 7.6V 500Wh Battery Module

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Remanufactured Nissan LEAF battery module in a good condition. Nothing broken or bent. May have scratches on the shielding.

***Disclaimer: These modules are intended for second life use, not to be used in the Nissan Leaf.***

Price per kWh: $135/kWh $105/kWh!!

Years: 2011-2012

Shipping: Free Ground

Warranty: 6 Months, Extendable

Each module is tested for actual capacity.
The test discharges the module from 8.3V down to 5V at 20A.
The resulting capacity will be labeled on the module so you will know the exact capacity of every module you receive.
We sort our modules based on the tested capacity and ship groups within 1Ah of each other, usually less. In large orders we might have a larger range.

  • shipped with terminal bolts.
  • There are 2 types of Gen 1 cells. Ones with positive on the left and ones with positive on the right. Unless specified, we will send roughly 50/50 plus one.



Number of cells 4
Construction 2 in-series, 2 in parallel
Length 11.9291" (303 mm)
Width 8.7795" (223 mm)
Height 1.3779" (35 mm)
Weight 8.3775 lbs (3.8 kgs)
Output terminal M6 nut
Voltage sensing terminal M4 nut
Module fixing hole diameter 0.3582" (9.1 mm)


Cell Type Laminate type
Cathode material LiMn2O4 with LiNiO2
Anode material Graphite
Rated capacity (0.3C)/td> 33.1 Ah
Average voltage 3.8V
Length 11.417" (290 mm)
Width 8.504" (216 mm)
Thickness 0.2795" (7.1mm)
Weight 1.7624 lbs (799 g)
48 and Below Ship Ground G1 Modules
Ah kWh Price/Module
30 0.222 $29.97
31 0.229 $30.97
32 0.237 $31.97
33 0.244 $32.97
34 0.252 $33.97
35 0.259 $34.97
36 0.266 $35.96
37 0.274 $36.96
38 0.281 $37.96
39 0.289 $38.96
40 0.296 $39.96
41 0.303 $40.96
42 0.311 $41.96
43 0.318 $42.96
44 0.326 $43.96
45 0.333 $44.96

Connect Your Modules

Copper busbars that allow you to wire a 10p14s battery bank using Nissan Leaf modules.

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Buying multiple modules and want to create a battery bank?  This product is often bought with our Nissan Leaf batteries. The kit contains three types of copper busbar segments that allow you to wire a 10p14s battery bank using Nissan Leaf modules.

Additional information
Amp. hour

30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45

2 reviews for G1 Nissan Leaf NMO 7.6V 500Wh Battery Module

  1. Thomas Harmon (verified owner)

    I have a total of 12 nissan leaf gen1 batteries that are being used in a 1kw solar system. The system powers a small storage container. So far they have worked great and are for more superior than lead acid deep cycle batteries. I plan on expanding my battery storage capacity in near future.

  2. Brandon mccartney (verified owner)

    Have ordered a couple dozen of these gen 1 leaf cells and I have yet to be anything less than completely satisfied, super fast shipping, everything is always packaged nicely, customer service is amazing via email . Will buy again without hesitation

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