Toyota Prius 2004-2009 Remanufactured Hybrid Battery Pack, 12 months warranty

(32 customer reviews)

Original price was: $1,350.00.Current price is: $999.00.


With return of your old battery

Unlimited Mileage Warranty: 12 Months

  • High-Performance Genuine Toyota Cells with enough charge for exceptional performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Precision cell capacity matching using the very latest technology. Providing you with balanced and reliable power.
  • Engineered with premium upgraded components
  • Ready-to-install – no programming required
  • Inspected and rigorously tested by expert Greentec Auto technicians ensuring the highest quality longest lasting battery

Warranty:  Toyota Prius 2004-2009 Hybrid Battery pack for 12 (twelve) months, unlimited mileage, and the original service purchased.
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Shipping:  The cost of shipping to you is included with your purchase. This offer is good for the entire continental United States.  Add $200 for shipping to a residential address.  Let Greentec Auto make it simple to return your core to us, ask about our reduced return shipping rates.

Core Charge/Deposit (shipping orders only):  A refundable "core deposit" of $500.00 will be added to your order at checkout. Once we receive your old battery, we will refund the core deposit back to you minus the cost of return shipping. Cores must be returned within 45 days of purchase.  This applies to shipping orders only.  In all other circumstances, the core will be picked up at the time of service, no deposit required.

How do I return my old hybrid battery?  Once your new hybrid battery has arrived, put the core battery back into the same packaging your battery arrived in.  As soon as we receive your core battery, we will refund the core deposit back to you.  It’s that easy.

In-Shop Installation:  Visit one of our many locations across the country and have one of our highly trained technicians ensure your new hybrid battery is installed properly. 

Mobile Installation:  The ultimate convenience for you!  Let one of our extensively trained technicians come to your location and install your new hybrid battery!

32 reviews for Toyota Prius 2004-2009 Remanufactured Hybrid Battery Pack, 12 months warranty

  1. Pete (verified owner)

    Great product and replaced fefective one immediately

  2. Stanford McNair

    I recently bought a Toyota Prius from an auction. I knew absolutely nothing about the car. The vehicle was extremely hard to start with a jump, but it did start and continued to run. When I shut it down and came back later, I had to go through the same process in starting the vehicle. I called my mechanic and was told it needed a battery and the battery would cost $4,000 and $1,200 to install. I Googled and found Greentecauto. They gave me several prices for the battery starting at $995 to $2,024!!! And they would install for $150 if I brought the vehicle to them and $250 to service on sight. I chose the latter. The service man, Walter Johnson, was knowledgeable and polite. He diagnosed the vehicle and told me I needed the smaller battery (I was completely oblivious of) which I could purchase from Auto Zone, O’ O’Reilly’s, or maybe even Walmart!!!
    I appreciate this man’s integrity and honesty. He could have come and replaced the larger battery AND the smaller one! Walter deserves 100 stars if I could give it to him and GreenTecAuto is definitely a business I highly recommend.

  3. Kevin Wadley (verified owner)

    Ordered 12 month Warranty reman battery. Scheduled with the shop and took the old battery with me to swap for the new battery.

    Got the new battery home, popped it in in about 30 minutes and was off to the races! Car is 100% back to normal. Good fix!

  4. Jennifer Felt (verified owner)

    Was a very easy process. Everyone I delt with was great. I had the mobile installation, it took about an hour and a half. The tech was great.I couldn’t be happier with everything. Would definitely recommend Greentech to anyone who needs a hybrid battery replacement. My Prius is running like new: )

  5. LoveMyPriusInOhio (verified owner)

    I purchased a refurbished battery for my Gen 2 (2007) Prius. It arrived quickly. And returning the core was easy! However, I got the dreaded Red Triangle back soon after installing it! I contacted GreenTec by email, and their response was quick and precise. They only required that I send them scanner codes to prove that the issue was their battery. I sent them photos of the codes from a local dealership. They immediately sent me a new battery (again, the shipping and return were easy)! And the “new” refurbished battery has been working excellent so far! I’m now getting 50-52 mpg (from a max of 45 mpg before the battery replacement) without changing my driving habits! Even though I got a “dud” at first, I still give them 5 stars for the customer service, quick replies and no hassle at all when I told them the issue I had! Would recommend them over others. The refurbished battery itself was solid and a perfect fit.

  6. Adam cromie

    Worked perfectly and installed seamlessly. After years of rebuilding and reconditioning batteries my self its nice to have one plug and play at a good price for once.

  7. Ryan Stampe (verified owner)

    working great. easy to install and return core. would use green tecauto again.

  8. J M

    Battery works great! Everybody was wonderful!

  9. Douglas Hubbell

    Very disappointed with this battery. I live in upstate ny and 50 miles away after the installation I noticed the new battery was not even close to my old batteries performance. I called long before I got home and they said they would give me my money back. It was a long wait over 4 months. Do yourself a favor there are many more honest battery companies to choose from , as I found out , green tech is not one of them.

    • GreenTec Auto

      Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we are glad that we were able to issue a full refund according to our standard warranty procedure once we finally received our battery back from you.

      At GreenTec Auto, we take great pride in the quality of our products and services, and we value our customers’ satisfaction. We appreciate your feedback and hope to have the opportunity to serve you again in the future.

  10. Evan L. (verified owner)

    I needed a new hybrid battery for my 2005 prius. Needless to say I wasn’t going to pay the Toyota dealership $5000 to replace it: that’s literally how much I paid for the car itself lol.

    The battery works great! The P0A80 code went away like that and I was able to drive the 6 hour round trip to drop off my old battery.

    Thank you 2005 Toyota engineers for making your car in a way a simple dude like myself can fix it in his garage, and thank you greentec for making it even more-so possible!

  11. Eric Urzua (verified owner)

    I received my battery quickly and it works GREAT! Any concerns and questions were answered quickly and efficiently. Thanks Green tec auto!

  12. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    First battery had a defect. They sent me another one and it worked fine! Excellent customer service!! Thank you!

  13. Matt Edwards (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service…..lightning fast shipping…..class act in every way! Have used them multiple times and will not go elsewhere since their service & products are so good! Thank you Kristi F… are awesome!

  14. Nick (verified owner)

    2007 Prius battery: All good, plug and play!

  15. Solomon Zhandira (verified owner)

    Got my second replacement hybrid battery from Green Tech more then six months ago. No problem with any of the two batteries Quite reliable

  16. Abdou

    I had mine replaced more than 18 months ago and it is still going strong no issues. I only got the one with one year warranty. When it dies, I will call the same guys again to replace it.

  17. Maria O. (verified owner)

    The battery has been working well on my car after 2 months of install. Service was easy and the staff were very helpful.

  18. Cesar (verified owner)

    I’m happy i found this place and I am very satisfied with the battery I got from them I would absolutely recommend them

  19. Ian F (verified owner)

    The battery works great. It runs my car. Amazing. Customer service was helpful and answered all my questions.

  20. Jeremy

    This service was great. I had always dreaded the cost of replacing the hybrid battery eventually, and it finally died during the 2020 pandemic. The dealership replacement price would have been more than the car was worth. This was much cheaper. I opted for the mobile on-site installation which was a very reasonable price considering it saved shipping cost of the battery. They said it’d be a few days before they could come out which was fine with me, then they called back a half hour later and said they could send a tech out right now to replace it if i was available, and it only took them an hour to replace it in my driveway. I thought this would be a big deal, but it really turned out to be really convenient and relatively cheap thanks to GreenTecAuto!

  21. Lewis (verified owner)

    The customer service was quick and professional especially given the current COVID 19 Pandemic. The battery arrived quickly and worked perfectly, saving us a lot of money.

  22. John (verified owner)

    Great so far. Wonderful customer service. Well worth the price. I would recommend them!

  23. Kesheng Mou (verified owner)

    So far so good.

  24. Evan Liu (verified owner)

    Easy, peasy ordering, shipment, and delivery. Installed like a charm and the core return was no problem at all. Highly recommended cure for those Red Triangle of Death blues!

  25. Greg Patterson

    My first battery was damaged in shipment (Fedex). My 2nd battery was no good when installed. Greentec physically drove the battery to my installer the next day. They went above expectations with service. The only reason they didn’t get 5 stars is because the 2nd battery didn’t work.

  26. Vahid

    The red triangle light of my 2007 Prius came on along with a bunch of other lights! The hybrid battery fan was constantly on and the car performance had deteriorated to a crawl. Dealer quoted me $3500 to replace the battery with a one year warranty! Ridiculous! So, I searched online and found this company and red the reviews. It sounded promising. Made an appointment at Hayward shop and took my car there yesterday. I barely made the 28 mile drive! Ed, ran diagnostics and confirmed that at least two sections of the hybrid battery were bad. He replaced it in just over an hour while I was waiting. Then he ran diagnostics again. All the warning lights were gone immediately! Car performance was back to normal and MPG was like when the car was new: 52 MPG in the highway! Amazing! I got the battery with one year warranty and Ed said it would cover part and labor in case anything goes wrong within a year, which is very comforting. Time will tell how good this battery is, but so far I have been extremely pleased with the professionalism of Ed and everyone else I talked to over the phone. They are all very knowledgeable, courteous, caring and friendly. Highly recommend this company to everyone with their red triangle of death being ON! 🙂

  27. Tom Hall

    I got a P0A80 and a P3018 code from and OBD2 scanner and did a search for rebuilt Prius batteries. Greentec came up and I gave them a call. Brad called the closest office from me in Stockton and set up an appointment in Rancho Cordova for 1PM. They took the car immediately, confirmed the scanned error codes and within 1.5 hours I was driving away with a new Prius battery. The car is happy, I’m happy and I would say if you have a similar problem you will be too.

  28. Paul Gyurkikiss (verified owner)

    Replacing my battery was relatively painless. It’s not that difficult, once you know the sequence of operations (search YouTube for videos).

    Dealing with Greentec was a positive experience. The price was right and delivery was fast. I also appreciated the option of returning the core in person, to save on shipping costs. The staff at the Kansas City shop were quite pleasant.

  29. Michael Triplett (verified owner)

    Greentec makes the whole process of battery replacement easy. Ordering was easy, delivery was prompt, the replacement battery was complete, returning the core was simple. I would recommend Greentec to anyone who needs to replace their Prius battery.

  30. Jia (verified owner)

    Fast service and friendly I’m happy to know greentech.

  31. GEORGE ARRIGOTTI (verified owner)

    Easy to select what I needed. Very fast delivery. Complete. Installation was the same as a new Toyota battery. Prompt refund of core charge. Highly recommended! Already told a friend, concerned about buying a used Prius, about GreenTec Auto.

  32. Daniel L. (verified owner)

    I’m an engineer so I researched the heck out of various 2005 Prius HV battery replacement companies. I used Green Tech as they had a COMPLETE solution, others don’t give you some components and you have to remove from existing battery to put into the replacement.

    Not to mention that their prices and warranty are spot on!

    They made shipping the old core battery back to them easy as well – all I had to do is call them and they arranged for the pickup. The only down side was that I had to use a commercial business to ship battery in/out – minor concession.

    Would highly recommend Green Tec, as it was a pleasure doing business with them.

    BTW: I did the swap out in my garage, relatively easy. Worst thing is removing all the interior pieces to get access to HV battery. Would do it again in a heartbeat!

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