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Greentec Auto is the only hybrid battery company that is nationwide!

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Our warranties include unlimited mileage, up to forty-eight (48) months of coverage and we include the type of service purchased!
That's an unbeatable guarantee!!

International Sales

Greentec Auto is the only hybrid battery company that sells internationally!
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With your purchase of any of our premium quality products Greentec Auto will include the cost of shipping to you within the continental United States.

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Mobile Installation

Let Greentec Auto put your mind at ease.

Our highly trained technicians will install your premium quality Greentec Auto hybrid battery, at your home or office, around YOUR schedule! With us, you eliminate the hassle of finding a qualified hybrid battery installer.  You will be safe at home or work while we come to you, and with mobile installations, the core deposit is eliminated.

Our mobile installation services cover more than 85% of the country!  Check if your area is covered.

Mobile Installation of Prius Battery and Hybrid Battery Repair

Greentec Auto

Why Greentec Auto?
Free Shipping
Unbeatable Warranty
Quality Customer Service Team
What is a core deposit?
International Sales
Why Greentec Auto?

Greentec Auto has been around longer than almost any other hybrid battery company.  We are the ONLY nationwide hybrid battery company.  Our excellent reputation, our quality products, and our affordable prices cannot be matched!  Our warranty is unbeatable!  (Please do your research and read the fine print on the "so-called 5-year warranties".  Will they be around in five years to honor them?)

Free Shipping

Greentec Auto wants to make purchasing a hybrid battery easy and affordable for those of you who aren't close to one of our nationwide locations. That's why the cost of shipping to you is included with your purchase! This offer is good for the entire continental United States!
(A core deposit is required, see core deposit for details)

Unbeatable Warranty

Greentec Auto has the best warranty available! At Greentec Auto, we take great pride in our products and services! That's why our warranties not only include the products but our services as well!

All our warranties include unlimited mileage, up to forty-eight (48) months of coverage and we include the type of service purchased!

That's an unbeatable guarantee!!

Quality Customer Service Team

Overwhelmed with the thought of finding a high-quality hybrid battery replacement for the best price? Let one of our team of experts walk you through how easy it can be with Greentec Auto.

Call us or fill out a contact us form and we will get your car back on the road at an extremely affordable price!

What is a core deposit?

When you purchase your new hybrid battery from us, a refundable "core deposit" for your old battery will be added to your order at checkout. Once we receive your old battery, we will refund the core deposit back to you minus the cost of return shipping. (Cores must be returned within 45 days of purchase)

This applies to shipping orders only, in all other circumstances the core will be picked up at the time of service.

International Sales

Greentec Auto is the only hybrid battery company that sells batteries for Prius and for other hybrids internationally! Learn more»

Repurposed EV Batteries

For e-bike, off grid solar, Golf Cart conversion, EV build, electric conversion car, ATV, motorcycle, RV solar, and anything else that needs a powerful battery with long cycle life.

Customer Reviews

I drive a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid. In 2011 I replaced the Hybrid battery with my local dealership. Within the year the IMA indicator light in the car came on. Apparently my new IMA battery was already going bad. I decided to see how long it lasted and waited to replace the battery until my vehicle stopped running. I am glad for that because it lasted longer than the dealership estimated.
I did a google search of other companies that replaced hybrid batteries because I was looking for a company who would warranty the battery for an extended length of time and preferably offer a cheaper product.

I was thrilled to find the company and when my car finally died 1/10/15 I contacted them for service. I contacted them through their website on a Sunday evening and was called the very next morning. I paid the $500 deposit for my new battery. I was told I would be called in 1-2 days to schedule the installation.
Unfortunately I did not hear from them in that time frame. On Friday I contacted them again and learned that the person who schedules appointments had been out sick the whole week and so they were waiting for her return to schedule appointments. They did recontact me on Monday to let me know that same person was still sick. However, the indicated one of the tech's would call me on Tuesday to schedule an appointment for Wednesday. They did call me and I set my appointment for Wednesday morning.
Right on time my technician Zach came to my home for installation on 1/21/15. The installation took about 45 minutes but it was another 1 hour and 1/2 before he was done because my car was not resetting the error codes. Zach was able to figure that out and resolve it. After he left I drove the car too work, about 15 miles. During that drive the IMA error light came back on. I was able to recontact immediately and Zach came back and met me at my work. He was able to resolve the issue in about an hour. He indicated to me that the lights kept coming back on because the battery and ECU in the car were not communicating probably and it just takes driving it around and resetting a few times to sync up.
Since then I have driven about 40 miles and the lights have not come back on.
Zach was very professional and diligent in resolving the problems. He also indicated to me that I should recontact them if the lights came on again.

I am satisfied with their service but was frustrated to have to wait so long for my appointment. They did address the situation quickly when I brought it to their attention and followed up until I was scheduled. I was extremely satisfied that the tech continued to work until my warning lights stopped coming on. The battery I purchased comes with a 48 month warranty which I am thrilled to think this battery will last much longer than my previous purchases. I would definitely recommend this company to friends and family.

I am updating this original review because a couple weeks after driving my vehicle the IMA light came on again. Green Tec Auto sent out two techs to diagnose the problem. They were able to make the light go off, and appeared to stay off, while they were there but advised that the battery was operating normally and if the light came on again it was not my battery. The next day the light did again turn on. I called them again to get direction on why the light keeps coming on. GreenTecAuto came and picked up my vehicle for further diagnostic testing. They provided me a loaner vehicle while mine was the shop. They were able to identify the problem (My ICU was burning out causing the IMA light to trip). They were able to repair the problem for me in one business day and returned my vehicle too me. It has been a little over a week and the IMA light is still off.
I appreciate there dedication to follow up on my vehicle even though the problem turned out to be more than my cars battery. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a professional team to replace their hybrid battery.

Charlotte H.

Kearney, MO