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To Hybrid or not Hybrid? That is the Question

Benefits in choosing a Hybrid vs a “normal” vehicle.

Ready for a new car? Does fuel efficient, minimal maintenance, insurance discounts, longer warranties and tax credits sound good to you? Well, you may just need a hybrid or EV (electric vehicle)! Now, before you start with your excuses and misnomers about what you think hybrids and EVs are, let us tell you that hybrids and EVs are literally the best. You want a sports car with unbeatable torque? That would be an electric car, my friend. Or maybe a SUV for the family that gets crazy high MPGs? You’ll only get that with a hybrid, bud. So buckle up, because we (your hybrid and EV Battery Specialist) are about to tell you all the advantages to owning a hybrid or EV!

Recouping the Costs of Hybrids and EVs

Let's just start with how they can recoup their costs. Fuel savings alone can pay off in as little as 3 years! Additionally, Hybrids and EVs have less scheduled/regular maintenance than a typical gas engine car. Brakes for instance, in a typical gas engine car you’ll be spending around $300-$1,000 every 12,000-24,000 miles. Not with a hybrid, since these cars use the braking phase to regenerate power for the battery the brake pads and braking system take less wear and tear daily. This results in a longer life span for your brakes! Other components like starters (absent on some hybrids!) and transmissions take less wear and tear due to the hybrid system as well.

Hybrids and EVs Depreciate Less Than Non-Hybrids and Have Longer Manufacturer’s Warranty

Hybrids and EVs typically have a longer manufacturer’s warranty than their gas-engined cousins. We’re talking 8 years and up to 100,000 miles! Hybrids are built to last and run reliably for a long period of time and manufacturer’s have confidence in that fact. This allows them to give the longer term warranties to these vehicles, proving to you the longevity these vehicles are trusted to have! With that reliability and longevity comes better resale prices as well. Hybrids are known to retain their value far better than their gas-engined competitors.

Hybrids and EVs Combine Performance with Efficiency While Staying Green

Other perks available to hybrid and electric vehicle owners include HOV lane use, premium parking spots in some locations, and government tax credits! Hybrids and EVs combine performance with efficiency. You still have that get up and go power and sport feel using the performance modes in these cars, but with the added benefits of greater gas mileage and reliability. Not to mention you’ll greatly reduce your carbon footprint with a car that is about 80% cleaner than a gasoline powered option. So, I guess this question is no longer if you need a hybrid or EV, but what kind of hybrid or EV are you getting?

About GreenTec Auto

GreenTec Auto is a family owned and operated business specializing in rebuilding hybrid batteries. Originally based in the Sacramento, California area since 2009, GreenTec Auto has expanded to 25+ shops around the United States. Combined with 35 years of general automotive experience, GreenTec Auto knows your hybrid vehicle from the end to end. For more information, visit www.greentecauto.com.

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