Enerdel NMC 48V 50Ah 2.2kWh Brand New Battery Module

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48V 2.2kWh Enerdel Moxie+ battery energy module that was never used. 

Price per kWh: $100/kWh

Year: 2023

Shipping: Free Ground

Warranty: 6 Months, Extendable

Each module has terminals under two side covers that can be unscrewed. It is possible to completely remove the ribbon cable and install your own voltage harness with ring terminals to make wiring a BMS easier. Battery is built in a 12s2p configuration. You can also break the module down and rearrange it to whatever voltage you would prefer with little modification. These modules are brand new, they were supposed to go to hybrid trucks and never made it due to truck issues. Battery terminals are on top and very easy to connect to, fins below the terminals are for heat dissipation, if the modules get warm, you can blow air over them for accelerated cooling.

Module Specifications:

Length: 7.85 inches
Width: 6.7 Inches
Height:10.6 inches
Weight: 33lb
Max Cont. Discharge: 70A
Max Pulse Discharge: 105A 10 seconds
Max Charge: 70A


Cell Configuration:12s2p
Max Voltage: 49.2V
Nom Voltage: 43.2V
Min Voltage: 30V
Cell Voltage spec:
 - Max: 4.1V
 - Nom: 3.6V
 - Min: 2.5V

Shipping: Free - the cost of shipping to you is included with your purchase.

1 review for Enerdel NMC 48V 50Ah 2.2kWh Brand New Battery Module

  1. Mahabir Kalouria (verified owner)

    Battery tested as stated, and I want to say thank you to Tim and the team at Greentec!! Battery came very well packaged and I would say that’s exactly why I received my order without any damage!! Also happy with the purchase and outstanding price on a new battery!!!

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