K2 3800mAh cells for harvesting. $0.39/cell plus shipping | $32.76/kWh

$240.00 $190.00

New battery cells that are glued into molds. Molds or case had damage or glued improperly. Battery cells are new, never been used.

Price per kWh: $32.76/kWh

Years: 2022

Shipping: Freight

Warranty: 30 days, No Dead on Arrival

More Information:

We have thousands of these cells inside the modules pictured. They are not that hard to remove, the plastic case breaks away pretty easy. These are modules that experienced a malfunction during the assembly process and were removed from the assembly line, all cells are good and not damaged. Every module we inspected had good voltage cells all the way through. We wont say every cell will be in perfect condition, but the ones we have checked had good voltages.

 A brief video of us disassembling one of the battery modules

Cells are sized as 26650, they are 26mm wide and 65mm tall.
We tested a few cells and they tested at 3800mAh, that means 12.1Wh per cell.
Each module has 480 cells, which equals 5.8kWh per module.

We will need to send the module freight, so the more you buy, the better the price will be.


Nominal Module Energy: 5.8kWh

Nominal Cell Capacity: 3800mAh

Max Cell Voltage: 3.6V

Nominal Cell Voltage: 3.2V

Min Cell Voltage: 2.5V

Shipping: Freight Shipping to commercial address or freight terminal - $200

You can pick up at one of our locations if you need, but shipping may take up to 7 days for shop pickup.



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