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G1 Nissan Leaf NMO 7.6V 500Wh Bulk Purchase

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Comes with Free Busbar kits! See info below!

Price per kWh: $60/kWh; $55/kWh

Years: 2011-2012

Shipping: Freight

Warranty: 6 Months, Extendable

Category: Energy, Nissan LEAF, Repurposed EV Batteries
Tags: C. 31Ah - 65Ah, Configurable, DIY Nissan Leaf, leaf, Leaf module, Li-ion

Each module will come with the bolts for the battery terminals as well as spacers. If we run out of original spacers, we will be including washers of a similar thickness instead.

We will include one set of busbars for the lot of 49 and 70, and 3 sets of busbars for the lot of 210 for free!

Nothing broken or bent. May have scratches on the shielding.

***Disclaimer: These modules are intended for second life use, not to be used in the Nissan Leaf.***

SHIPPING:  To local freight hub or commercial address with forklift or loading dock. Residential delivery possible for an extra charge, contact our office. Shipping will be either R and L or Fedex.  Available in 48 continental US states. HI and AK please call for pricing.


These are Nissan LEAF batteries that were removed from Leaf's by Nissan due to limited range. Each module is tested for actual capacity. Since they suffer from range problems, calling them 64Ah 500W would not be accurate.

  • The test discharges the module from 8.3V down to 5V at 20A.
  • The resulting capacity is going to be labeled on the module.
  • You will know the exact capacity of every module you receive.

Nissan only replaced the batteries after the SoH level dropped from 12 bars to 8 bars or lower, so there is no chance they are going to be 70% capacity or more, the average we have been seeing is 65% capacity. The capacity within one pack can vary up to 3 Ah on average, sometimes up to 7Ah. We sort our modules based on the tested capacity and ship groups within 1Ah of each other, usually less.

  • Whichever group you receive will be within 1Ah of each other.
  • Will be shipped with bolts and spacers.
  • Come with 1 month warranty.
  • There are 2 types of cells. Ones with positive on the left and ones with positive on the right. (see photo)
  •  We will send a factor of 3 of one type and 4 of the other multiplied out to the lot amount you purchased.


Number of cells 4
Construction 2 in-series, 2 in parallel
Length 11.9291" (303 mm)
Width 8.7795" (223 mm)
Height 1.3779" (35 mm)
Weight 8.3775 lbs (3.8 kgs)
Output terminal M6 nut
Voltage sensing terminal M4 nut
Module fixing hole diameter 0.3582" (9.1 mm)


Cell Type Laminate type
Cathode material LiMn2O4 with LiNiO2
Anode material Graphite
Rated capacity (0.3C)/td> 33.1 Ah
Average voltage 3.8V
Length 11.417" (290 mm)
Width 8.504" (216 mm)
Thickness 0.2795" (7.1mm)
Weight 1.7624 lbs (799 g)

Connect Your Modules

Three copper busbar segments that allow you to wire a 10p14s battery bank using Nissan Leaf modules. 

You might also need these:

Buying multiple modules and want to create a series?  This product is often bought with our copper Nissan Leaf Bus bar kit. The kit contains three copper busbar segments that allow you to wire a 10p14s battery bank using Nissan Leaf modules. 

Additional information
Weight: 511 lbs
Dimensions: 40 × 48 × 24 in
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1 review for G1 Nissan Leaf NMO 7.6V 500Wh Bulk Purchase

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