ISASCALE Current Sensor and 3 Gigavac Contactors

Original price was: $800.00.Current price is: $300.00.


This Kit comes with the following items:

  • 2 Gigavac GV200BAB-1
  • 1 Gigavac P125BDA
  • 1 Ohmite AZ101KE 100 OHMS
  • 1 Isabellenhuette IVT-S-1K-U3-I-CAN2-12/24

This is the contactor kit off of a battery pack that was recalled. The battery was never used so these units are brand new. The listed components are commonly used and the spec sheets are easy to find online. We have included the basic info for them in the listings below and in the pictures. Other parts that are in the pictures are included, but are not warrantied or sold as good and may have damage.

The following parts are of high value:

2 X Gigavac GV200BAB-1 $164 each

Gigavac P125BDA $87

Ohmite AZ101KE 100 OHMS $18

Isabellenhuette IVT-S-1K-U3-I-CAN2-12/24 $372

Total Price when new: $805


Gigavac GV200BAB

This contactor has a 12V coil. It will latch at 8V and accept up to 16V. The maximum continuous current the contactor can handle depends on the wire used. If you use 2/0 it will handle 350A, and if you use 4/0 it will handle 400A. Peak current is closer to 1000A for 30 seconds, and even higher for shorter durations. This is a common contactor with plenty of uses.

Gigavac P125BDA, Ohmite AZ101KE 100 OHMS, and 3A Fuse

This unit is by far the handiest. This professionally designed and soldered board includes a precharge contactor, fuse, and resistor. If you want your contactors to last a long time, you need to precharge the capacitors in your equipment. Apply 12V to the low voltage side and the contactor closes with the resistor in circuit. The fuse rating is 3A on the high voltage side.

Isabellenhuette IVT-S-1K-U3-I-CAN2-12/24

One of the fanciest current sensors we have ever seen. This sensor does more than just measure current up to 1000A, it also has 3 voltage sensors built in. You can measure overall pack voltage or voltage drop over contactors during operation for a health assessment. This current sensor communicates by CAN Bus. 

Additional information
Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 10 in


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