LGGBMH11865 or INR18650M36 Module with 252 cells

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$270.00 $200.00

This eMatrix module is like no other! Use it without any modification for a powerful 24V or 48V battery, or break it down for the cells. The unique weldless design makes it a prime candidate for any modifications or harvesting.

Price per cell: $0.79/cell

Price per kWh: $90/kWh $66/kWh!!

Cell manufacturing years: 2019 and up

Shipping: Free Ground

Warranty: 6 months, Extendable

Module Info

There are two different chemistries available with the purchase of this module. Each chemistry has its own pros and cons, we will outline the differences below. The biggest difference is the INR cell is 3.6Ah and can discharge at 5A while the LGGBMH1 cell is only 3.2Ah but has a 10A discharge limit.

These are easy to handle 24V battery modules built using LG GBMH1-1865 or INR18650M36 cells.  The ribbon cable is held on by bolts,  removing it and adding your own BMS harness with ring terminals will be easy. It is possible to break it down into smaller groups in series, but it looks like the end pieces are unique, so if you break it down to 6s or 5s, you might not have an easy way of assembling the remaining components into a separate module. There are gaps in between the cells for air cooling. Incorporating air cooling into your own build will be easy if you intend to use them under high currents. The modules interlock with each other in a sliding action to create a sturdy complete pack if you are planning on buying multiple of this item and use them as is. We also have a busbar that we could provide upon request that will series together modules.

For Cell Harvesters

The cells are NOT welded,  disassembly is extremely easy.  The cells are compressed and spring loaded through a patented design.  One purchaser has made a very detailed breakdown of this module that you will find very useful. You can find it here.

**Please note which Cells you would like in the comments section of Checkout.

Module Specifications:

Nominal Module Energy: 3kWh

Module Configuration: 36p7s

Max Module Voltage: 29.4V

Nominal Module Voltage: 25.2V/25.41V

Min Module Voltage: 17.5V

Length: 19 1/2"

Width: 3"

Height: 8 1/2"

Weight: 30.3lbs

Battery Cell Specifications:

LG GBMH1-1865

Capacity: 3.2Ah

Module Capacity: 115.2Ah

Module Energy: 3kWh

4.2 max, 3.6 nom, 2.5 min

Max Module Voltage: 29.4V

Nominal Module Voltage: 25.2V

Min Module Voltage: 17.5V

Peak Discharge Current: 10A/Cell 360A/Module

Nominal Discharge Current: 0.62A/Cell 22.32A/Module

Peak Charge Current: 3.1A/Cell, 111.6A/Module

Nominal Charge Current: 1.55A/Cell, 55.8A/Module


Capacity: 3.6Ah

Module Capacity: 129.6Ah

Module Energy: 3.33kWh

4.2 max, 3.63 nom, 2.5 min

Max Module Voltage: 29.4V

Nominal Module Voltage: 25.41V

Min Module Voltage: 17.5V

Peak Discharge Current: 5A/Cell 180A/Module

Nominal Discharge Current: 0.67A/Cell 24.12A/Module

Peak Charge Current: 2.33A/Cell, 83.88A/Module

Nominal Charge Current: 1A/Cell, 36A/Module

Additional information
Module Type

LG GBMH1-1865, INR18650M36

1 review for LGGBMH11865 or INR18650M36 Module with 252 cells

  1. Jacob Batterman (verified owner)

    Spot tested 20 cells from the pack I bought. All are voltage balanced and measuring around 3.2Ah under a 1A load. The cells are glued into the holders so the sleeves will rip when you remove them, but there are no welded nickel stips to deal with. Very impressed with the communication, packaging, and pricing of Greentec. I will be using them as my battery supplier whenever possible henceforth.

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