UR18650ZK V52A Sanyo 54V 38Ah 2kWh 18650 module

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A compact 15S battery module with plenty of space to install your own BMS. Great for small projects or modular systems! These modules contain Sanyo 2.5Ah cells in a 15s17P configuration.

Price per kWh: $50/kWh $35/kWh!

Years: 2019

Shipping: Free Ground

Warranty: 3 Months, Extendable

More Info:

This battery was used in the telecom industry and is replaced after a certain amount of hours used. The outside of the case says Panasonic, but there are Sanyo cells inside. They are the same company. The BMS is a tricky one, it has a built in power shutoff that is quite interesting. There is a thermal link that the BMS burns up to prevent use of the module after the BMS decides it's time to be replaced. Can be easily bypassed of course, which makes these batteries a prime candidate for second life. We have not had any luck engaging the BMS, so it is sold as non functioning. The BMS is very easy to desolder and remove, you can also cut the voltage taps if you don't have a soldering iron. The whole pack comes apart with a phillips screwdriver and a security T10 bit, long and narrow bit would make it easier. If you plan on removing cells, you will need a Security T9 bit as well.

We think the BMS may be slowly draining the batteries. We will check the voltages of the cells before sending them out, but if they are being discharged and you store them for a few weeks, you could have bad ones by the time you get to them. Please disassemble and disconnect the BMS once you get them to ensure your batteries dont go bad.

This module comes apart in two sections, 7s and 8s. The busbars are on philips screws for the two modules, splitting them apart is a matter of unscrewing screws.

 We tested a module and got 38.6Ah.



Nominal Module Energy: 2kWh, 37.9Ah                                  Max Module Voltage: 63V       

Nominal Cell Capacity: 2.5Ah                                                     Nominal Module Voltage: 55.5V

Module Configuration: 15s17p                                                  Min Module Voltage: 37.5V

Peak Discharge Current: 25A                                                    Max Cell Voltage: 4.2V                                                         

Nominal Discharge Current: 8.5A                                            Nominal Cell Voltage: 3.7V

Peak Charge current: 25A                                                          Min Cell Voltage: 2.5V

Nominal Charge Current: 8.5A                                                Weight: 38lb

Length:18.75 inches    

Width: 7.75 inches     

Height: 6.25 inches                                                                                                                                                   


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