Orion 2 BMS 108 Cell Kit O2BMS108Z

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The Orion Battery Management System (BMS) is a special system that helps manage and monitor the performance of batteries used in electric vehicles, boats, and other devices. It helps make sure that the battery is working properly and not being damaged. The Orion BMS also keeps track of important information about the battery, like how much energy it has left and how hot it is getting. This information can be used to make sure the battery is working well and to fix any problems that might come up. The Orion BMS is important because it helps make sure batteries are safe, last a long time, and work efficiently.

Orion BMS for 108 cells. Comes with the following items:

  • 2 contactors
  • 1 bypass contactor
  • 1 bypass resistor
  • 1 fuse with fuse holder
  • 1 current sensor
  • Low Voltage Harness
  • Cell Tap Harness
  • Temperature sensor harness w/o sensors

These components were removed in a custom battery build that was never used. This Orion BMS is currently programmed to LTO cells. We've confirmed that you are able to download, change, and upload the program. You could also upload your own program into it.

Confirmed present functions:

  • BMS Balances
  • Communicates by CanBus
Confirmed missing functions:
  • No relay control, the relays were activated from outside the car.
  • No Multipurpose functions

It includes all the items and model numbers listed in the table below, as well as the high voltage harness, low voltage harness, and temperature sensor harness. The temperature sensor harness will NOT have temperature sensors, we had to cut them to separate them from the battery.

We have over 100 of these BMS's. You will receive the following items.

Item Brand Model Number
BMS Orion BMS 2 O2BMS108Z
Contactor X 2 Gigavac GV251BPB
Bypass Contactor Gigavac P195BDA
Bypass Resistor Vishay LPS300H 100R
Current Sensor LEM DHAB S/124
Fuse Ferraz Shawmut A30QS250-4

There are some functions missing which is why it is labeled with a Z at the end of the model number. A full function Orion BMS would have the model number O2BMS108.

Not everything was listed. If you have a question about a particular function, please ask and we will see if we can set up a test for it.

Additional information
Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 10 in


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