INR18650M29 LG Chem 48V 62.7Ah 2.99kWh BMZ Module



Price per kWh: $100/kWh

Years: 2020

Shipping: Free Ground Shipping

Warranty: 6 Months, Extendable

More Info:

A 48V module made out of INR18650M29 LG Chem cells. The 13S configuration offers an ideal 48V battery pack. The cooling plate is sandwiched between 2 modules.  One or both sides of the module that meet the cooling plate have no cover, instead, there is a thermal transfer pad that comes off. So the module you receive may or may not have the plastic cover over the busbars and the thermal pad could be missing as well. Cooling plate listing coming soon.

The last 4 pictures show the best place to make a BMS voltage tap connection. You could solder on the BMS voltage taps to the busbar as shown in the 9th picture. The busbar is made of solid nickel and is extremely easy to solder. There is some glue in that area, but it was easily scraped away with a razor blade. The scraping and soldering took less than 30 seconds if you have all the tools in front of you.

The BMS is under the cover with the large sticker. The BMS takes power from the battery pack it is monitoring to power itself. We unplugged the ribbon cable and plugged it back in and a Green light turned on for about one minute and turned off. The BMS wakes up but does NOT balance and is NOT a working BMS.  We monitored the BMS closely and it does not drain the battery after a long period of inactivity. The Sleep mode does not use much energy. If you plan on storing this battery for any length of time over a few months, we recommend unplugging the BMS so it does not drain your battery, shorter durations are of no consequence.

Nominal Module Energy: 2.99kWh

Nominal Module Capacity: 62.7Ah

Nominal Cell Capacity: 2.85Ah

Module Configuration: 13s22p


Max Module Voltage: 54.6V

Nominal Module Voltage: 47.7V

Min Module Voltage: 32.5V


Max Cell Voltage: 4.2V

Nominal Cell Voltage: 3.67V

Min Cell Voltage: 2.5V

Length: 20 1/2 inches

Width: 11 1/16

Height: 3 inches

Weight: 34.5lb


Length with cooling plate: 22 inches

Height with brackets: 3 9/16

Weight with cooling plate: 44.6lb


Peak Discharge Current: 220A

Nominal Discharge Current: 132A

Nominal Charge Current: 30.25A

Peak Charge Current: 60.5A


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